Yogen Pathak: A Computer Scientist With an MBA Degree Turns Into a Wedding Priest in New England

Yogen Pathak in Netflix Series

BOSTON—Meet Yogen Pathak, a computer scientist with an MBA turned into a wedding priest, or certified Justice of Peace in Massachusetts.

“I grew up in an environment where performing religious ceremonies was common. My father used to perform religious ceremonies,” says Mr. Pathak. “It has been my passion all along to provide a more contemporary wedding experience. My passion has turned into my profession.”

He has already been featured in a Netflix series named “The Big Day.” It features the high-end Indian weddings (in India as well as in the USA) showcasing the glamor and extravaganza. The wedding showcased in Collection#2, Episode#1 is the one Mr. Pathak officiated. The wedding took place in October-2019 at “Mashantucket Pequot Museum” in Connecticut.

Yogen Pathak

Mr. Pathak has been a computer professional all his career, holding many senior management positions.

“I have also been part of a couple of IT start-up companies,” says Mr. Pathak, adding that he is now a certified Justice of Peace.

As the Indian wedding priest, Mr. Pathak focuses on providing contemporary wedding ceremony experience suited to the modern times.

“I provide each wedding the attention it truly deserves by using a modern and thoughtful approach, while maintaining the true essence of Indian culture,” says Mr. Pathak.

He says that India wedding market in New England is red hot.

“All the weddings that could not take place last year due to pandemic have been postponed. As a result, the demand is high this year for priests,” says Mr. Pathak. “Plus, in my observation, more and more mixed/fusion couples (where one party is not Indian) are opting to perform Indian weddings in addition to the non-Indian weddings. This has increased the demand for the priests.”

Mr. Pathak provides the key priestly services, which are key requirements for the role of a Priest in today’s times.

“The Priest’s role is ever more significant with the changing times,” says Mr. Pathak.

Who should be a wedding priest in these changing times? Mr. Pathak attributes the following characteristics and expertise:

  • The Priest needs to make sure the bride and groom understand the rituals that they are going to perform, and the significance behind it.
  • The Priest needs to understand the modern times we live in, and adjust the rituals accordingly.
  • Many of the couples appreciate the gender-equality introduced in the rituals.
  • The Priest needs to engage the audience by explaining the ceremony in English.
  • The Priest needs to be punctual, and respect time.
  • The Priest needs to be presentable.

To find more about Mr. Pathak’s wedding services, please click here.


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