UP woman fakes pregnancy after family taunts her for not conceiving

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Etawah (UP)– In a seemingly bizarre incident, a woman faked her pregnancy as she was fed up with the taunts of relatives and family members.

The woman went to the community health centre after complaining of a “stomach ache” in the sixth month of ‘pregnancy’ and claimed to have given birth to a premature baby – actually a plastic doll.

The matter came to light when the doctor at the CHC said that it was not a real baby but a plastic doll. The doctor even checked other papers and X-rays related to the pregnancy that were also found to be fake.

According to the medical superintendent, Dr Harshit, the woman used to regularly visit the health centre for treatment of stomach infection and not pregnancy-related check-ups, as she claimed.

“The woman had been married for a long time and was unable to get pregnant. Therefore, to get rid of the taunts of infertility, she concocted this story,” the doctor said.

The woman had been married for more than 18 years but could not conceive and her family members taunted her because of this. (IANS)


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