Raj Sharma: America’s Top and Purposeful Wealth Advisor

Raj Sharma

BOSTON—Raj Sharma, one of America’s top financial advisors, recently released his book: The Purposeful Wealth Advisor: How to Build a Rewarding Career While Helping Clients Achieve Their Dreams, and it has already become one of the top sellers on Amazon.

The book offers a timely and valuable guide to a successful career as a financial advisor. With more than 30 years of wealth management experience, Sharma leads readers step by step down his path—from learning why and how to create an advisor brand, to setting goals, to building a top-notch team focused on doing more and better for clients.

Thoughtful and analytical, with an excellent understanding of global economics and financial markets, Sharma has received numerous industry designations. He has been inducted into Barron’s Hall of Fame, having been named one of America’s top 100 financial advisors for nearly two decades. In 2022, both Barron’s and Forbes ranked Sharma as the #1 advisor in Massachusetts. Forbes also named him one of America’s top wealth advisors from 2016–2022. Most recently, Barron’s featured the Sharma Group among the country’s top 50 private wealth teams from 2020–2022. Additionally, Raj was named to the Financial Times’ list of the top 400 financial advisors in the country for nine consecutive years.

An insightful culmination of his decades of experience, The Purposeful Wealth Advisor is an easy-to-read guide that shows readers how to get started in the business of wealth management, thrive as they build a client base, inspire their future, and help clients achieve their dreams. The book features a foreword by Andy Sieg, president of Merrill Wealth Management.

“If you are a financial advisor or considering this profession, you must read this book. Raj Sharma is clearly ‘best of breed,” says Jeremy J. Siegel, professor of finance at the Wharton School and author of Stocks for the Long Run.

Sharma hopes to encourage historically marginalized groups, such as women and people of color, to consider a career as a financial advisor. He highlights that many wealth management firms are not representative of the people they serve, creating a world of opportunity for those who break the mold. He strongly believes that “there are gaps to be filled in the wealth management industry, and you can make the difference.”

“[The Purposeful Wealth Advisor] sends a powerful message about the urgency for more nontraditional entrants into the advisory field,” writes Saira Malik, chief investment officer of Nuveen.

Published by Amplify Publishing, The Purposeful Wealth Advisor is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other major retailers.


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