Musk reveals how he lost over 13 kg, shares the secret


San Francisco– Twitter Boss Elon Musk revealed that he has lost nearly 30 lbs, or around 13.6 kg, in response to a Twitter user who commented that “he had lost a lot of weight”.

“You’ve lost a ton of weight, Elon! Keep up the fantastic work,” a user tweeted.

In a Twitter thread, another user asked “what made the most difference”, to which Musk replied it’s a combination of “fasting, diabetes medication Ozempic/Wegovy and no tasty food near me”.

However, back in October, Musk revealed the secret behind his peak fitness at age 51 is “Intermittent fasting”.

Responding to a follower on Twitter who asked if lifting weights and eating healthy is his script to look “awesome, fit, ripped and healthy”, Musk replied with just one word: ‘Fasting’.

Musk actually referred to intermittent fasting that he has adopted on the advice of a “good friend”.

Moreover, in September, the world’s richest man revealed that he had lost nine kgs with intermittent fasting and “feels much healthier”. (IANS)


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