Indian-American director Ram Alladi’s ‘Pages’ all about women, freedom

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Chennai– New York-based NRI filmmaker Ram Alladi, best known for his documentary film ‘Chiseled’, which won 11 international awards, is now busy with a multi-lingual movie titled ‘Pages’.

The film, which is being made in Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, and English languages, apart from Hindi, is a woman-oriented story and has Kalpana Tiwari playing a pivotal role.

Speaking about the film, Ram Alladi says, “How are we utilising our freedom? How is society utilising it? These are the main traits of ‘Pages’.

“The film has a post-Independence backdrop and it revolves around a political family that is affected by post independence developments.

“It also has a track pertaining to Bangladesh and the way in which it is interlinked with Telangana. This is a pure art film. It essentially revolves around women, and the conception of freedom.

The film, which features Kalpana and three other women in lead roles, has been shot in Hyderabad, Warangal and nearby areas.

Apart from Kalpana Tiwari, the film will also feature Pankaj Munshi, Anand Rangarajan, Shilpa Das, Samantha Mukherjee, Vijay Mary, Madhu, Arunasree Sadula, Prasad Kamalanabha, Ravi Wide, Nihari Mandal, ananda Kishore and Dawood among others.

Sreebardhan Sai has scored the music for the movie while it is cinematographed by Ram Alladi, Sridhar Sammeta and Krishna Guntupalli. (IANS)


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