Elderly man beaten to death in Varanasi for intervening in drunken brawl

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Varanasi– A 70-year-old man was beaten to death when he intervened in a drunken brawl outside his house in the Varanasi’s Jaiprakash Nagar locality.

Varanasi Police Commissioner A. Satish Ganesh said the incident took place at around 11.30 p.m. on Wednesday night when the victim, identified as Pashupati Singh, and his son Rajendra Singh, who owns a beer shop in the area, came out of the house to intervene in a drunken brawl between two groups of locals.

The situation took an ugly turn when both groups began to assault Rajendra for intervening.

Pashupati saw his son being attacked and rushed to rescue him.

One of the inebriated members of the group hit Pashupati on the head with a stick.

The elderly man died on the spot while the miscreants fled leaving behind an injured Rajendra.

The father and son were rushed to a hospital where doctors pronounced Pashupati dead while Rajendra is being treated for multiple injuries.

The Police Commissioner said that the matter was under investigation and the accused would be arrested soon. (IANS)


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