Chef Akshay Bhardwaj to face off with world renowned Tapas chefs



New Delhi– With his global exposure and extraordinary culinary skills, Chef Akshay Bhardwaj is set to represent India at an international level at the competition. The Head Chef at Andaz Delhi, Chef Bhardwaj, will be representing India in the Sixth World Tapas Competition in the City of Valladolid, Spain, between the 7th – 9th November, 2022.

Bhardwaj speaks to IANSlife about his preparation for the competition against other world renowned Tapas chefs.

How did you come to represent India at the Sixth World Tapas Competition in the City of Valladolid, Spain?

Akshay: I came across the Sixth World Tapas Competition in one of the chef groups I am a part of. After some back and forth and hesitation, I applied, considering that it can be a wonderful experience and an excellent opportunity for me to showcase the progressive approach that comes with Indian street-side food.

How prepared are you for this contest? And what actions are you taking to alter the game?

Akshay: Daily practice of balancing flavours, and different techniques, in preparing different dishes is definitely still ongoing. Considering my resources and venue are going to be entirely different there, the desired results can only be achieved if enough dedication and time are given to the process.

Are you feeling anxious to be part of a cutthroat battle with foreign nations? What message do you have for the citizens of our country?

Akshay: All of us are chefs and cooking gives us joy and makes up our careers and life, so I am thrilled about representing my country on such a wonderful platform with so many amazing chefs. I am of course, a bit anxious as it is my first time contesting on such a platform. However, my excitement is similar to the one I feel when I create something new in the kitchen when I give my all to it, and then wait for it to succeed.

What do you feel when Indian cuisine draws rave reviews from food experts throughout the world?

Akshay: I feel that there should be a nationwide move to educate the guests of our heritage and motivate all chefs to create, ignite and bring back the same to life by integrating it in our food concepts. Indian cuisine takes you through a wonderful exploration process where cultures and cuisines change every 100 km.

What does enjoying good food mean to you?

Akshay: I believe that cooking something that initiates my subconscious mind and makes me move in my chair, is the definition of good food.

How would you quantify success?

Akshay: There is no way to quantify success, in my opinion. The meaning of success can vary from person to person. I feel like a very successful person to have been given this opportunity to represent my country on an international platform. (IANS)


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