2018 Media Kit

• 72 dpi in the dimensions specified (width x height in pixels)
• RGB color mode
• File size no larger than 100KB, compressed for web

To advertise in this popular edition, please choose from the packages below.

Advertising Rates

Daily News Edition

 5 Days10 Days15 Days20 days25 Days
Display Jumbo 600 x 200 pixels + Large Banner$160$288$408$512$600
Display Deluxe 600 x 150 pixels + Small Banner$120$220$315$396$475
Display Large 600 x 100 pixels$110$200$285$360$425
Classified Large 193 x 200 pixels$75$120$150$160$170
Classified Small 193 x 100 pixels$50$80$105$120$125

Website Advertising

 7 Days14 Days21 Days28 Days30 DaysOne Year
Large Vertical$160$228$408$512$600$6,600
Large Horizontal$120$220$315$396$475$5,225
Small Vertical$110$200$285$360$425$4,675
Small Horizontal$75$120$150$160$170$1,870

To advertise with INDIA New England News, please contact Upendra Mishra at or call us at 781-373-3220.

Print Advertising

COLOR12 issue6 issue1 issue
Full Page$1,416$1,566$1,790
1/2 page$1,041$1,141
1/4 page$738$797$885
1/8 page$588$627$685
B&W12 issue6 issue1 issue
Full page$1,1211,271$1,495
1/2 page$746$846995
1/4 page$443$502$590
1/8 page$293$332$390


Total Email Daily Circulation:      8,557 subscribers

Daily Open Rate:                            1,000 – 1,400



Geographic Distribution:             MA, NH and RI (90 percent-MA)

Main Coverage Area:                  MA, New England and National Stories