Bollywood Roundup: Ajay Devgn, Kangana Ranaut, Alice Kaushik, and more…

Ajay Devgn

Ajay a ‘fabulous cook’, but avoids touching anything with fingers: Kajol

Mumbai– Bollywood actor Ajay Devgn may have been in headlines for his movies and now because of appearing on “Into The Wild with Bear Grylls”, but like every star he has a private side to him that we know little about.

Who can be a better person than his wife and popular actress Kajol to reveal these secrets to the world? And she has just let it be known that her husband is a “fabulous cook”.

Speaking on the popular show, Kajol said: “Let me start by saying that there are a few secrets that not everybody may know about Ajay. One of them being that he is a fabulous cook. And number two is that he is borderline OCD about touching anything with his fingers.”

Explaining this fetish of his, Kajol said: “According to him, it’s because he just cannot get the smell out of his fingers. Whatever that means! Anyway, so my challenge to him is that he has to be made to touch and eat the smelliest, grossest, slimiest thing that you think of, Bear, and let me see if he lives up to it.”

Kangana: I have always done ‘Dhaakad’ things in life

Mumbai– Kangana Ranaut, who took to social media to share a four-looks-in-one poster of her upcoming film, ‘Dhaakad’, launched it in person here at an event on Tuesday, saying that all her life she has done ‘Dhaakad’ things.

Kangana Ranaut

When a journalist compared her with Arnold Schwarzenegger, however, Kangana countered testily if it was a compliment.

Asked about the ‘Dhaakad’ moments in her life, Kangana said, “I think everything I have done is ‘Dhaakad’. From running away from my home till now, I continue to do all the ‘Dhaakad’ stuff. Now I am doing this ‘Dhaakad’ film and I hope the audience will love it.”

Kangana said she’s grateful that she gets to play exciting characters in her films. “I believe it is Bollywood’s first woman-centred spy thriller,” she said. “I am really happy about this. I find myself fortunate to be able to portray a character who performs wholesome action scenes. I thank my director Razneesh Ghai who believed in me and gave me this opportunity. I am really happy about this.”

In the film, Kangana plays Agent Agni, who takes on the twin menace of child trafficking and exploitation of women. The film’s stunts have been designed by an international team and Tetsuo Nagata, an award-winning Japanese cinematographer who has worked in many Hollywood action flicks, has done the camerawork.

Alice Kaushik: Audrey Hepburn has always been my icon

Mumbai– Actress Alice Kaushik, who plays the character Raavi in the hugely popular television show “Pandya Store”, says that contrary to popular belief, she has been nurturing the dream of becoming an actress from very early on in life.

Alice Kaushik

“In my heart, I knew that if there was something I would do and give my hundred per cent, it was acting,” she said in a conversation with IANS.

“I tried pursuing other passions along the way, but the itch to act was always there, a voice at the back of my mind kept nudging me to take that chance. It was sort of a calling and one day, I finally decided to answer it,” the young actress added.

She said she was inspired in her career choice by the example of Audrey Hepburn. “She is someone I really look up to,” Alice said. “She has always been my icon. Along with her contributions to films, she showed us that we should always strive to become better people and make the world a better place. This is something I have aspired to do.”

Alice has appeared in shows such as “Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum”, “Dhhai Kilo Prem”, and “Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya”.

Dentist-actress Miloni Jhonsa talks about her dream debut in ‘Rashmi Rocket’

New Delhi– Actress Miloni Jhonsa has been receiving a lot of love from the audience for her portrayal of the Indian athletic teams captain in the Taapsee Pannu-starrer ‘Rashmi Rocket’.

Miloni Jhonsa

According to her, it has been her “dream debut” as the movie caught the audience’s attention for all good reasons and put her in the limelight.

A dentist by profession, Miloni decided to switch her career after she realised her calling. But, like every underdog story, her initial phase was replete with quite a bit of struggle and rejections which are part and parcel of any actor’s life.

The opportunity came to her when she least expected it. The dentist-turned-actress had gone to a casting agency for the audition of another film featuring Ajay Devgn. When she was returning from the audition, she was approached by a casting assistant from ‘Rashmi Rocket’ to read some lines from the film.

Talking about her terrific experience, she said: “The casting for ‘Rashmi Rocket’ had already been locked in January 2020. But the film was on hold after its first schedule because of the lockdown. Eventually, when they started shooting again in November 2020 they cast me.”

“I was asked to read two scenes with Varun Sir (Badola), who plays my father in the film and they were immediately sent to the director, Akarsh Khurana. He liked my audition but I was told that I will be informed whether I had been chosen or not the next day.”

Karthik Aryan shines in explosive trailer of ‘Dhamaka’

Mumbai– Filmmaker Ram Madhavni, who directed ‘Neerja’ and the 2020 Disney+ Hotstar special ‘Aarya’, is back with yet another compelling story. ‘Dhamaka’, starring Karthik Aryan, is his latest offering and its trailer was officially released here on Tuesday.

Watch the trailer here:

Karthik Aryan

The film marks Karthik’s foray into the world of intense and gritty storytelling. Karthik essays the role of Arjun Pathak, a news anchor who spirals into the dark abyss of uncertainty, deceit and mind games after a terrorist makes a phone call to him about an attack that would engulf an entire city. He initially dismisses the call, considering it a prank, but soon realises the gravity of the situation when the terrorist blows up a bridge.

Arjun gets drawn to the task of reporting the terrorist’s advances and catering to his whims and fancies in order to put his career back on track. What he’s not aware of is how he’s being played out and what it would lead to.

Filled with moments that are best described as nerve-wracking and mind-boggling, the ‘Dhamaka’ trailer offers a peek into the roller-coaster world of a newsroom where emotions run high and the ability to think and act at lightning speed is a necessity.

Four production companies from around the world — RSVP Movies, Ram Madhvani Films, Lotte Entertainment and Global Gate Entertainment — have joined forces to put together the explosive mix of a thrilling story that ‘Dhamaka’ is. The film also stars Mrunal Thakur and Amruta Subhash and is set to release on the streaming platform Netflix. (IANS)


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