Despite Delta Variant Scare, About 7,000 People Attend India Day Celebrations at Boston’s Hatch Shell


BOSTON—India Day celebrations, to mark the 75th Independence Day of India and organized by the India Association of Greater Boston (IAGB), pulled in about a whopping 7,000 people despite the current pandemic and Delta variant scare at Hatch Shell along Boston’s scenic Charles River on Sunday.

“It was a spectacular and memorable occasion, celebrating India’s 75th Independence at the iconic Boston landmark with the rich color, vibrant traditions, and patriotic fervor,” said IAGB President Sanjay Gowda. “It was IAGB’s 35th India Day celebration, which was started at the Hatch Shell, in 1987 and it was so special to celebrate this year at the same location.”

He said Berkley College of Music concert captured everyone’s spirit and patriotism as thousands in the crowd swayed and danced to their mesmerizing performance.

“I am very proud of the IAGB Team for pulling this off and sincere thanks to all performers, choreographers, artists, musicians, vendors/exhibitors, sponsors, over 30-plus community organizations we worked with, and supporters for making it a grand success and memorable celebration during these trying times,” said Mr. Gowda.

IAGB also recognized over 30 community organizations for their support and partnership with IAGB, and community service and contributions during COVID 19 pandemic in the last 20 months, Mr. Gowda said.

“We are truly delighted with the support and participation from everyone across the communities in the New England region,” said Mr. Gowda.

Hatch Shell officials estimated the crowed at India Day at approximately 7,000 people.

Here is Indian Day programs and participants”



Flag Hoisting Ceremony


Shishu Bharati Band and Choir

Music Directors: Dr. Mallika Anand, Dr. Alexander Li Cohen

Coordinators: Seshi Sompuram, Nilesh Agrawal

Performers: Aakansha Agrawal, Ariana Arvind, Devangi Bhargava, Lakshmi Li Cohen, Vidya Li Cohen, Priya DeWinter, Ridhima Gaikwad, Reyansh Gokak, Devika Gollapalli, Ishani Sarin Gupta, Shalin Sarin Gupta, Sishir Mahavadi, Pranav Mallina, Jahnavi Nanavaty, Maithili Nanavaty, Aakash Patel, Anica Patel, Tvisha Patel, Yuvaan Patel, Advik Kanungo Saith, Lakshya Srini, Aanya Tichkule, Ananya Tilwalli, Antara Tilwalli

Welcome Speech

IAGB Youth Band Performance

Band Director: Ruhi Shroff

Krishang Thakur (Piano), Shubhang Konduri (Trumpet), Sachit Kurup (Trumpet and Flute). Tanav Kotapati (Piano), Rishon Banerjee (Guitar), Kinshuk Gupta (Piano), Ruhi Shroff (Drum), Neha Panke (Vocalist)

A musical band trio by IAGB Youth presenting Indian and Western Pop hits

LEHER Band Performance

Band Director: Dr. Amal Jawa, Dr. Raagini Jawa

Vocalists: Dr Raagini Jawa, Dr Amal Jawa, Dr Sanjay Jain, Sushil Motwani

Instrumentalists: Vinphin Kundukulam, Krishan Aneja, Arjuna Balasurya, Umanga Balasurya, Paul Senn

New England’s own Local Band Leher brings you a perfect blend of patriotic songs to set the mood for this Independence Day evening


By: Triveni School of Dance

Triveni Dancers will present Tarana, a vibrant fast paced dance in kuchipudi style choreographed to the haunting melody of the late Shri Pandit Ravi Shankar. Great fusion of Hindustani music with Kuchipudi from Andhra. Begins w/the dancers portraying statues of Gods & Goddesses in a Hindu Temple & gradually coming alive with complex rhythmic movements.

Performers: Prachi Mhatre, Aditi Suryawanshi, Gaiyatri Mathew, Praveena George, Anushka Srivastava, Shreya Shukla, Devangi Rathi, Radhika Heda, Vrinda Heda. Shriya Rathi

Colorful Rajasthani Dance

Aangikam Academy

Choreographer: Jasmine Shah

Rajasthani style dance on upbeat and fast paced song Rangilo Rutu. In this dance women are welcoming and celebrating colorful spring and asking their loved ones to join.

Performers: Archana Shah, Asha Thotangare, Darshna Patel, Disha Patel, Kruti Patel, Megha Patel, Mona Duggal, Saroj Madhani, Sonal Shah, Sunita Malhotra, Sadhana Kyathappala, Shubhadha Kulkarni

Regional Medley

Choreographer: Jyothi Setty

Dance performed for a medley of foot tapping chart busters from Regional language cinema especially from South India. Here dancers are performing for Kannada, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam songs.

Performers: Suma Chitturi, Uma Vishwanath, Heavensia Chellapandian, Siddhi Thadaru, Sarayu Kothuri, Tanya Shukla, Sonia Shukla, Bharghavi Kothuri, Padma Thadaru, Aruna Bheemarasetti

IAGB Community Youth Excellence Award

Recognizing 2021 Award Winners

Arnav Bhakta, Sachi Badola & Archita Neamlikanti

Sponsor Recognition

Pelmeds – Bhuren Patel

Around the world

Choreographer: Viprali Bhatkar

It is about hope; about love, happiness. The whole world went through this pandemic together, we suffered but we stayed strong, supported each other, and celebrated unity. It is about harmony and togetherness. It’s a reminder that no one is an island, the Ubuntu spirit

– I am because we are. We will represent this through some of the world’s popular dance forms and music. These include Indian Classical, Belly dance, Salsa, African, American Pop, and Bollywood.

Performers: Ashwini Tumne, Pooja Parulkar or Pooja Singh, Anita Tomar, Mitali More, Shubha Vijayesh, Pallavi Gupta, Vanisha Jain, Ruchita Kothari, Kanchan Chaudhari, Viprali Bhatkar, Shanu Shah

Rajasthan to Gujarat

By Dance Spirit

Choreographer: Bina Negandhi

Dance Spirit will be presenting beauty, love and joy of women and girls bonding together and creating magic of happiness as they dance on Rajasthani tunes and Gujarat Dhol.

Performers: Khushi Morparia, Medha Morparia, Sejal Kothari, Bhavna Kumari, Hiral Gami, Deeya Khamesra, Aushee Khamesra, Rhea Kunnel, Pranathi Srirangam, Vrinda Heda, Radhika Heda, Kshama Srinivas, Rutika Shah

East West Medley

DFD Dance Academy

Choreographer: Devika Dhawan

The students of DFD Academy are excited to share the culture of India through both folk and modern Bollywood dance styles. Bollywood is such a huge influence in not only India,

but also a connection for many South Asians in America to back home. We’re proud to celebrate India Day through the dance and artistry that comes with our vibrant Indian music and pop culture.

Performers: Ria Bhandari, Tanisha Bhaskarwar, Sai Charanya Buddha (Cherry), Shriya Dave, Ishi Kashyap, Olivia Alappatt, Amisha Shanmuganath, Amitha Shanmuganath, Prapti Patel, Ishanvi Saxena, Rishika Saxena, Varsha Kattuboina, Sasha Jawahar, Aaria Nagpal, Maya Goyal, Anika Rao, Dhriti Motwani, Aanya Mathur, Akshara Agrawal, Natasha Raina, Dia Paliwal, Veda Menon, Anulekha Sahu, Sampriti Poripeddy, Seerat Kaur, Heer Gajjar, Pritha Yalakkishettar, Suhani Holla, Jesslyn Cherian, Ryana Riaz, Shreya Madhu, Anvi Polisetty, Rachael Kurian, Mansi Mathur, Aanya Gupta, Mayra Vajhallya, Prajusha Reddy, Tavisha Reddy

State Folk Dances

Dancing Divas

Choreographer: Neha Sharma

This dance theme is ‘Atulya Bharat.’ The dance will depict different cultures of the Indian states in dance form. Even with differences in culture, language and food, but we are all one at the end, Indians.

Performers: Abhinav Vijaykumar, Kanishka Tirupati, Maanvika Tirupati, Dia Gupta, Anaisha Gupta, Bhakti Pethani, Arya Lamba, Anaya Lamba, Tanay Garg, Mishika Basu, Miraya Basu, Arash Khare, Reyansh Yadav, Divyansh Yadav, Divyana Yadav, Avani Bansal, Snigdha Kethineni, Ekam Sharma, Reyansh Kondam, Adharsh Sriraam, Sarah Vijay, Satyarupaa, Jill Banka, Arin Banka, Sri sanshitha Thavaguru, Jjayan Krishshiv Thavaguru, Shree Periyanaayaki Adaikkappan, Tanisha Jain, Shreya Choudhary, Ananya Shukla, Raenisha Nayak, Anshika Panda, Navya Agrawal, Shanaya Agrawal, Taashi Tayal, Ashna Anand, Vamika Singh, Yajat Biyani, Paavni Biyani, Avni Magaji, Veera Magaji, Anita Kaul, Bhumi Shukla, Neha Sharma, Harsha Khare, Kabita Karki, Kavita Banka, Manisha Biyani, Neha Singhal, Princi Bansal, Richa Agrawal, Vandna Gupta

Chief Guest

Niren Chaudhary – CEO, Panera Bread

Community Covid 19 Service Recognition

New England Community Organizations

IAGB President’s Address & EC Introduction

Sanjay Gowda, IAGB President

Live In Concert

Berklee College of Music – Indian Ensemble

The Berklee Indian Ensemble is one of the hippest performance acts to emerge from Boston. A global viral sensation with over 230 million views, the Ensemble melds classical, folk, Sufi, and contemporary Indian music, with influences ranging from hip-hop and jazz to Middle Eastern and African flavors.

Founded in 2011 by Indian Berklee alumna and faculty member Annette Philip, the Ensemble provides an open and inclusive creative space for musicians from all over the world to explore, study, interpret, and create music influenced by the rich and varied mosaic that is Indian music today. The Berklee Indian Ensemble has risen to prominence as one of the most storied musical collectives in the country with their unmistakable signature sound, and legendary collaborations with A.R. Rahman, Ustad Zakir Hussain, Shreya Ghoshal, Shankar Mahadevan, Vijay Prakash, Indian Ocean, and Clinton Cerejo, to name a few.

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