Lyricist Prashant Ingole drops rap song ‘Darr tu nahi’ to motivate people

Prashant Ingole

Mumbai– Lyricist Prashant Ingole has opened up about his new rap song that he has written, composed and sung as a treat to fans to mark his birthday, which was on July 7.

The song titled “Darr tu nahi” is a motivating number during these tough times of the pandemic.

“Life is magical, life is now. We do go through ups and downs, it’s a pattern of life, but when we surrender ourselves to the superpowers from the sky above, we glide. We are just like a movie with twists and turns but at the end it’s a happy ending. The universe is guiding you, Darr tu nahi,” Prashant said.

He believes in living one day at a time with sheer positive attitude and dedicates the song to the people who have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic either directly or indirectly.

The lyricist is currently working on another single titled “Toofan”, which motivates one to never give up. (IANS)


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