Fencer Bhavani sticks to routine, avoids milk and sugar

Bhavani Devi

New Delhi– Indian fencer Bhavani Devi has given up milk and sugar as part of her preparation for Tokyo Olympic Games.

“With 72 days to go for the Olympics, I have no plans to change my training or diet. I am just avoiding sugar and milk. That’s all. I’m based in Italy till the Olympics, attending short intense training camps for a week which will be followed by normal training to polish my technique,” said the 27-year-old fencer during an online media interaction on Wednesday.

Bhavani, who will compete in women’s sabre event, is the first Indian fencer to qualify for Olympics.

Currently, she is training in Rome.

“Due to the pandemic, there are no competitions. The entire focus is on training. I have two training sessions a day. There are also three gym sessions each week to strengthen the body,” she added.

According to Bhavani, the Olympic Games will be highly competitive because the top 34 fencers are in fray for a podium finish.

“I have to be prepared to face each individual. Apart from technique, I have to improve the tactical aspect. It will be tough but I am ready,” she said of her future plans.

Due to the pandemic, the Indian fencer will not come to India but directly travel to Japan from Italy.

“There is a plan in place for June but nothing concrete for July. My Italian coach is planning to set up a training base in Japan for a week before the Olympics but it is uncertain at the moment due to Covid-19. In case we don’t go to Japan, we will train in Italy,” she added. (IANS)


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