Yo Yo Honey Singh: No fun in success if there is no struggle

Yo Yo Honey Singh (Photo: Twitter)

Mumbai– Rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh believes that struggles teach a person a lot in life. He says his struggles helped him change a lot with time.

“There is no fun in success if there is no struggle. Struggles are important, they teach a person a lot. I have learnt a lot. I changed a lot with a change in time. I feel there should be some struggle in life,” Honey Singh told IANS.

The rapper, who has belted out chartbuster hits like “Angrezi beat”, “Brown rang”, “Love dose” and “Chaar botal vodka” among many others, has had his share of bumps in his career initially.

“People ask me ‘what struggles have you had in the beginning’. There were struggles in the beginning, struggles exist even today and will be there tomorrow. Without struggle there would be no vigour to fight. I feel struggles are a good thing. There were definitely a lot of struggles (for me) in the beginning,” he said.

Honey Singh recently came out with his new track “Billo tu agg”. The song is the latest in the non-film circuit that Honey Singh has collaborated on with Singhsta, after “Makhna”. (IANS)


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