Sayani Gupta celebrates her birthday in Goa

Sayani Gupta

By IANSlife

New Delhi– “After staying at home for the longest time, I needed a break and some time to pamper myself. With travel reopening, I knew I had the perfect opportunity to get away,” said versatile actor Sayani Gupta.

The promising young star is in the sunshine state of Goa, where she is looking to find inspiration for yet another mind-blowing performance. Sayani has been staying at a gorgeous Live Anywhere home on Airbnb, designed with the soothing colours of the Goan sea in mind. This calm and relaxing space, called ‘Tranquil Haven in Siolim’ imbibes the spirit of the ocean, sky, and earth, with lots of natural light pouring in along with a private garden.

“This year, I had an urge to drive away from the city, to be by myself and enjoy some quiet time while reconnecting with nature. Life has been stressful and unpredictable for all of us, for the past few months, and this me-time by the beach is something I am looking forward to refresh and recharge. I am glad I have the option to �Live Anywhere’ with Airbnb,” adds Gupta.

While many are actively seeking new and innovative ways to look after themselves and manage their well-being, there is no antidote to the new normal like traveling. True to the spirit of Live Anywhere, provide the perfect getaway with the freedom to live and work from anywhere.

Sayani is currently spending her days resting by the pool and indulging in Goan curry with the calming Guava, Jasmine and Frangipani trees in the backdrop in Sioli, and will soon be moving into another Airbnb villa close to Candolim, to celebrate her birthday on 9th October.

Equating travel to therapy, Sayani says, “Traveling changes how we view the world. I truly believe, it opens our hearts and minds. Just a slight change in scenery can make you feel completely rejuvenated, and I am absolutely loving my stay at this gorgeous Airbnb home in Goa.” (IANS)


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