Biden leads Trump by 7 pts in New Hampshire: Poll

Joe Biden (Photo: twitter)

Washington– A new poll has revealed that Democratic presidential nominee was leading US President Donald Trump in New Hampshire, a swing state where former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won against the incumbent leader in the 2016 election.

Released on Thursday, the Emerson College poll found that 45 per cent of the state’s voters backed the former Vice President, while 45 per cent sided with Trump, The Hill news website reported.

While 1 per cent of the voters were undecided, 2 per cent said they would vote for someone else.

Biden leads among women in New Hampshire with 55 per cent, while Trump garnered 42 per cent of the female votes.

Among the male voters, the two rivals were tied at 49 per cent.

In the poll, the President was ahead of Biden among the age group between 45-64 with 50 per cent.

But among all other age groups, the former Vice President was leading.

Biden also earned the backing among independents at 54 per cent.

According to CBS/YouGov poll released on Sunday, Trump and Biden were also neck-and-neck in the swing states of Georgia and North Carolina.

In Georgia 47 per cent of likely voters support Trump, versus 46 per cent for Biden, while in

North Carolina, 48 per cent of likely voters supported the former Vice President, versus 46 per cent for the President.

Meanwhile, an NBC News-Marist poll also released on Sunday found Biden leading Trump in two other swing states of Wisconsin and Michigan.

Last month, the CBS News Tracker revealed that the states of Florida and Texas remain tight battlegrounds in the November 3 presidential election, reports Politico news.

In the 2016 election, Trump won both the states.

No Democratic presidential candidate has won Texas since Jimmy Carter in 1976.

The swing states are Florida, Arizona, Georgia, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. (IANS)


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