Indian Americans Have a Lot to Say About Trump and Biden, and Here Are Some in Their Own Words


BOSTON—In a national online poll conducted by the IndUS Business Journal and its sister publication, INDIA New England News, during Aug. 31-Sept. 7, 2020, Indian Americans not only voted but also reacted to the polls.

The survey showed that if the elections were held today, 76.31 percent Indian-Americans will vote for Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden for president and his running mate Kamala Harris for vice president; and 20.83 percent will vote for Republican Party candidate President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

Here are some comments from the survey participants:

“President Trump is bad for the idea of Democracy across the world . He has systematically destroyed the stature of the American President.”

“We have to get rid of all the Republican scums and the vile president ASAP.”

“Democrats do not have a strong candidate as good and caliber as Donald Trump. Though President Trump has few weaknesses, he has been targeted from Day 1 of his presidency to destroy his plans by biased media, democrats, investigation after investigation proving nothing of any serious issues with Trump, though President Trump carried out whatever he promised and fulfilled in action most of his election promises. He is really for people’ welfare though as any politicians, he may have some self promotion & self interest agendas, but not to the level his opposition has been blaming. I think, as he promises for next 4 years, he will bring all manufacturing back into the US from China and will soon find a vaccine for the COVID-19. His presidency for next 4 years will be good for the economy than Biden who has no real plan for the economy. I do not like to pay higher tax under Biden’s presidency as he said he will raise tax.”

“As Indian Americans we should not be voting for Donald Trump, point blank period. Just because Donald Trump is friendly with Modi (another fascist and supremacist) does not mean he stands for the interests of Indians in America. As it is, his policies don’t even help most Indians in India, if that’s what you’re thinking.”

“This is the greatest country, republic, democracy ever in human history. There are subversive elements who would like to destroy it. We cannot let them do it. Country needs to heal.”

“If Donald Trump wins again in 2020 it will be really bad for the whole world and the US people who make him win will have to bear the consequences of their doing.”

“I know many Indians support Trump because of his anti-Muslim and anti-Chinese policies. But he is scum, liar, cheater, racist, loser and ugly.”

“Trump/Pence vision is truly for all Americans at all levels. Standing up against China is extremely critical for coming up American generation. Seeks and helps other countries to resolve peace conflicts. Truly a non-politician.”

“Indian Americans should stop equate themselves with white nationalists because they perceive Trump is anti-Muslim, or Harris is not Indian/Hindu enough! Time to vote to save democracy in the country we chose as our home.”

“America is in trouble. Our current administration is corrupt and incapable…Defeat the evil Destroyer Cast away the nightmare of a tarnished, twisted, damaged democracy. Elect a civil builder. Herald the dawn of a civilized better society.”

“Donald Trump is too dangerous for the National Security and for International Cooperation and he has destroyed everything that is decent since he came in to the White House. Cannot afford four more years of Trump. He must go.”

“The current divisiveness, racial tension, and low moral standards are very disturbing.”

“Democrat won’t be good for India, especially Harris. But considering Trump such a bad person, I will vote Democrat.”

“Trump is almost as delusional an egomaniac as Modi.”

“President Trump did not do anything in past four years what he will do in next four years except being lame duck, playing golf, and watching Tv and insulting people. He has ruined the status of America around the world and every one taking advantage of his stupidity and getting ahead of America. Shame on him boastiong only himself lies after lies the most meanest person on earth. Very pathatic.

I have been lifelong Democrat but current Democratic party is becoming anti-India and anti- Israel. Perhaps it’s because Muslims have strong influence on the Democratic party. Also, Biden is so much pro-China that he will compromise American interests in dealing with China, and will not side with India against China. US-India alliance is essential to control China’s aggressive expansionist policy of world dominance.”

“Trump is a threat to democracy, the environment, and basic values of truth, decency, and kindness.”

“The Biden Harris Team is anti-India and socialist policies.”

“We must bring back the harmony and decency of our country and Joe/Kampala can do that.”

“This year presidential election is the most important one ever because America is in the hands of narcissistic maniac. He must be voted out to save the democracy.”

“I want Trump to be put in jail for all his stealing and tax evasion.”

“Country has regressed over last 3.5 years. We are no longer beacon of light and America as such is suffering on being isolated.”

“My vote is for Trump for – 1. India policy 2. Shutting illegal immigrants 3. War on ISIS and Islamic terror.”

“I want Indian Americans to put aside their concerns about Indian issues in this election and vote for Biden as that’s the most ethical thing to do.”

“Trump is racist. He has no respect for laws. He is a terror for environment. Under his watch US has lost respect all over the world.

“Trump has brought the darkest period in American history. It is truly shameful. We need to re-build our nation and bring back the values that we so cherish.”

“I voted to Obama twice and this time I am voting to Trump since I feel that Trump can stand against China and also help India more when compared to Biden. Also economy part, Trump is better as I can see the market.”

“Harris needs to engage and address caste discrimination in the US, such as in the Cisco case.”


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