Naresh Agarwal of Simmons elected President of Association for Information Science & Technology

Naresh Agarwal

BOSTON–Naresh Agarwal has been elected President-elect of the Association for Information Science & Technology, known as ASIS&T. He will be the 74th President of ASIS&T, and the first Indian and South Asian to hold this position.

Born and brought up in Gangtok, and 1994 School Captain of Tashi Namgyal Academy, Mr. Agarwal is an Associate Professor and Director of the Information Science & Technology Concentration at Simmons University in Boston.

A member since 2008, Mr. Agarwal has served ASIS&T in several capacities – on the Board, as conference co-chair, chair of interest groups and committees, and started its South Asia chapter.

In 2012, he was awarded its James Cretsos Leadership award. For 83 years since 1937, and headquartered in USA, ASIS&T is the premier international association for researchers and practitioners from over 50 countries studying how people interact with information and technology, and innovating theories, techniques, and technologies to improve their access to information.

Mr. Agarwal completed his Computer Engineering on full scholarship at the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, and received his Ph.D. from the National University of Singapore after spending six years in the industry.

His book ‘Exploring Context in Information Behavior’ was published in 2018, and he has another upcoming book, “You know the glory, not the story: 25 Journeys towards Ikigai.”  Mr. Agarwal has been a keynote/invited speaker at workshops and conferences in several countries.


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