How meditation can be effective during PMS, period pain

Photo by Mitchell Joyce/Creative Commons, Flickr With support from a recent anonymous gift, the Center for Wellness at Harvard University Health Services sponsors several meditation options, including four-week courses based on a mindfulness curriculum specifically geared toward college-aged students, 20-minute drop-in sessions at the Serenity Room at Grays Hall, and weekend and weeklong retreats.

By Puja Gupta

New Delhi– Meditation plays an important role in dealing with PMS and pain during menstrual cycle. Spiritual life coach Dr. Priya Kaul mentions a few tips on how meditation can be effective during PMS and menstrual pain.

Period pain affects the abdomen and the lower abdomen region. If one does meditation keeping in mind the sacral chakra, solar plexus with orange and yellow color or normally even focus on the mantra Om, it would help in pain relief. Pain killer can only suppress the pain but meditation releases the pain. Doing meditation regularly can help you get rid of the pain permanently.

It is not easy to focus during anxiety, pain or when one is having cramps. But sitting in comfortable position with mudras, sitting posture, lighting, color, sounds playing very important role when one wants to meditate.

Doing meditation the right way is very important else it would be of no help for the mind and the body. The best way to meditate during such time is to lie- down comfortably with legs straight, keep in mind that legs should not be crossed. The room should peaceful and silent with good fragrant candles and music of around 300 to 535 Hz could be of great help. Mediation can be coupled with smooth tea and some good affirmations.

After 10 minutes of mediation fennel, cinnamon, turmeric in lukewarm water could be of great help. Affirmations like ‘I love my body’, ‘I appreciate my body’, ‘I am getting healed’ from within in a subtle voice and calm tone can give wonderful results. (IANS)


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