Daisy Shah unveils her YouTube channel

Daisy Shah (Photo: Twitter)

Mumbai– Actress Daisy Shah unveiled her YouTube channel with her first video, “Start of a new journey”, where she welcomed her fans to her channel and told them the reason behind launching it.

Daisy has been actively engaging with fans since the lockdown began, with her online presence. She has been active on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, sharing workout videos, recipes, and photos of herself and her pets. She has also been conducting a lot of live sessions.

The decision to start her YouTube channel was a natural extension to this as she wants her fans to see the real Daisy.

The YouTube channel will give her fans a sneak peek into her daily life, where she will be sharing vlogs about different topics like fitness, cooking and her lifestyle.

“The main reason why I’ve joined YouTube is to broaden my horizons. My aim for this channel is to introduce everyone to the real Daisy, to show everyone who I am. This is basically my way of connecting with my fans on very real terms. I’m super excited to start my journey on YouTube and I know I’ll get as much love here as I do on all my other social media platforms,” she said.

As for films, she has “See You In Court” and Salman Khan’s production “Bulbul Marriage Hall” coming up. (IANS)


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