The India Philanthropy Alliance Stands in Solidarity With the Black Community in the United States


The India Philanthropy Alliance, a coalition of nonprofit, philanthropic and charitable organizations that mobilize people and funding in the United States and elsewhere for development and poverty-reduction programs in India, expressed its solidarity with the African-American community in the United States.

“As a coalition of organizations with strong roots in the United States and in India, the two largest and most diverse democracies in the world, the India Philanthropy Alliance is no stranger to the opportunities and challenges inherent in working and living in a heterogeneous society,” the India Philanthropy Alliance said in a statement. “However, we believe in no uncertain terms that it is entirely unacceptable that our African-American brothers and sisters live in fear of their lives when they enter convenience stores, go for a jog, or even sleep in their own homes.”

The statement said that these represent violations of human and civil rights that the India Philanthropy Alliance organizations hold dear and work every day to advance.

“Attacks on these rights anywhere should offend people everywhere, and they offend us,” the statement added. “We are heartened that many people around the country are protesting peacefully and that Indian-Americans (such as the one featured in this video) are expressing solidarity with and providing tangible support to those who are demanding change.  We encourage people of all ethnicities and faiths to be inspired to constructive action by these examples until the stain of racism is washed out of our national experience.”


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