Singer Songwriter Sayantika releases her latest track “Aami Banglar,” on Springboard Records

Sayantika Ghosh (Photo: Facebook)

Mumbai– Dreampop artist Sayantika Ghosh, whose music is popularly known under the brand ghoshpop, goes back to her roots and releases an endearing Bengali track “AamiBanglar”. The new record is available through her parent label, Springboard Records.

Sayantika is a multilingual singer-songwriter, music programmer and vocal producer from Kolkata, India. Her songs often talk of nostalgia, relationships and fantastical stories. She released her debut EP, Yesterday Forever in 2018 and showcased at Hollywood, LA. In 2020, she released ‘Embrace Yourself” which talks of self-love.

“Aami Banglar” is an ode to Bengal, talking about all things, remarkable or not, that make Bengal what it is. It speaks of the many avatars of Bengal’s people, nature and culture; some that people know of and some not so known- Bengal beyond the literary and cultural wonders that it is known for. Aami Banglar is Sayantika’s first song in Bengali with earlier music in the English avatar.

Speaking on the launch, Sayantika commented, “This song simply speaks of all things that make Bengal fascinating and make us Bengalis who we are. It’s a song which reflects my nostalgia. I miss Home ! I am grateful to the team at Springboard Records and my mentor, Ashish Manchanda for supporting me in this endeavour and allowing me to fully express myself artistically. A big thanks to my close collaborator and producer Aman Moroney, for making this track sound as magical as it does. I am confident that the song will delight music lovers as it is truly from my heart and you will feel the emotion when you hear it !”

Sayantika has turned her passion for music into a path well defined and well recognised. Her major influences include The Beatles, Coldplay, Radiohead, Gorillaz, and many more, which are all reflected in her songs. Her textured vocals add to the cinematic experience that forms the most notable element in her music.


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