Most of the times it is because of ignorance: Chhetri on racism

Sunil Chhetri (Photo: Twitter)

Kolkata– Indian football team captain Sunil Chhetri on Thursday said people make racist remarks mostly because they are ignorant as judging a person from his or her colour or caste does not make sense.

Chhetri also highlighted the importance of education to tackle racism which has come to the fore following the death of George Floyd — an African-American — in police custody in the United States.

There have been mass protests against racism following the death of Floyd and players have also expressed their support to the ‘Black Lives Matter’ campaign.

“It hurts me like it hurts anyone else. Most of the time, what I have is because of ignorance. Because of not knowing,” Chhetri said during an interaction with All India Football Federation’s ‘AIFF TV’ on Facebook.

“If you catch the person when he or she is being racist…talk to them and make them understand. Most of the time they do understand. It’s come a lot from being ignorant. It actually doesn’t make sense.

“You are also some colour, some caste. Some religion. Looking down on someone else…it does not make any sense. There is no logic or truth to it. It should not be done.

“So more people are aware and get educated about it, it will lessen. And we need it. We owe this to our evolution. It’s just normal,” said India’s record goalscorer Chhetri who will complete 15 years on the international arena on Friday.

Chhetri also spoke about how he tells the younger crop to pick up a hobby or a skill to broaden the mind and not just think about football all the time.

“Learning about other things makes you sharper. You need to have a hobby. You don’t want to die just being a footballer,” said the 35-year old who plays for Bengaluru FC in the Indian Super League. (IANS)


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