Bollywood Roundup: Vicky Kaushal, Sonam Kapoor, Vir Das, and more…

Vicky Kaushal (Photo: Facebook)

Vicky Kaushal prays for ‘sukh’, ‘shaanti’ for all

Mumbai– Actor Vicky Kaushal has prayed for peace and joy for all in a new social media post on Tuesday.

“Jo hai… jo chale gaye, saareyaan nu sukh shaanti bakshya (to the ones present and the ones departed, shower peace and joy).”

Along with it, he shared a throwback picture of him praying at the Golden Temple in Amritsar.

Vicky’s post comes in the wake of Sushant Singh Rajput’s demise on Sunday. Sushant was found hanging at his residence.

After hearing of Sushant’s death, Vicky had penned this message: “Never got to know him well but this still feels like a blow to the gut. Can’t imagine the pain he was going through and the pain that his family and friends must be going through right now. May God give them strength. Rest in peace Sushant.”

Sonam Kapoor thanks husband for sticking with her

Mumbai– Actress Sonam Kapoor has penned an appreciation post for husband Anand Ahuja, thanking him for “being extra kind and loving” when she needed the most.

Sonam Kapoor (Photo: Facebook)

“An appreciation post for my husband. Thank you for being extra kind and loving today. I really needed it. Love you so much,” Sonam wrote on Instagram.

She also posted a picture of herself along with her husband.

Sonam’s post comes after she faced heavy trolling on social media following the demise of Sushant Singh Rajput.

The actress had shared a condolence message for Sushant and his family, and followed it up with a tweet that read: “Blaming a girlfriend, ex girlfriend, family, colleagues for someone’s death is ignorant and f****ng mean spirited.”

Sonam faced criticism for her tweet as netizens have been expressing their anger against nepotism after Sushant’s death. Sushant was found hanging on June 14 at his home in Bandra, Mumbai. He was cremated in Mumbai on June 15.

Vir Das’ advice to actors who give lectures on equality

Mumbai– Comedian Vir Das has urged his fellow actors from the entertainment industry to treat everyone equally irrespective of their role and power status.

Vir Das (Photo: Facebook)

“Before any actor starts giving lectures on equality, I would highly recommend they check the way they treat ADs, crew members, junior artists, writers and all the people with less power than them on a film. The notion that equality should only exist between actors, is bulls**t,” Vir Das tweeted.

Seeing Vir Das’ tweet, netizens lauded him for raising a valid point.

A user commented: “Quite idealistic. It is not really about film industry. It is life. Bosses in regular offices are the very same. Or even if us with people that work for us be it maids, drivers, bhaaji waala etc.”

Another one wrote: “Quite awaking voice you raised.”

Vir Das is quite vocal about his views on social media.

He recently called out media channels for inviting people on panel discussion to talk about deceased people they didn’t even know, indirectly referring to actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s demise.

Karan Tacker on why he posted work content a day after Sushant’s death

Mumbai– Actor Karan Tacker took to Instagram Stories to explain why he posted work-related content at a time when everyone is mourning the loss of actor Sushant Singh Rajput.

“While it might seem a bit insensitive to some to be putting up work posts given the current situation. But there are some professional commitments that could not be avoided. Thank you for understanding. I am just as shook as you are,” Karan explained.

Sushant was found hanging at his Bandra residence in Mumbai on Sunday. He was just 34.

His funeral on Monday was attended by his family, who flew in from Patna, and industry colleagues including Vivek Oberoi, Kriti Sanon, Rajkummar Rao, Shraddha Kapoor, Varun Sharma and Abhishek Kapoor.

Priyanka Chopra sends virtual b’day love to her ‘inspiration’

Los Angeles– Actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas penned a note to wish her mother Madhu Chopra on her birthday, saying that she is missing their “ritual of spending the day together”.

Priyanka Chopra (Twitter)

“My backbone, my strength, my 3am call, my inspiration, my best friend, my mother, my everything… Happy birthday mom! I miss you so much right now and am missing our ritual of spending the day together. I will see you soon. Love you loads,” Priyanka posted on social media along with a video montage of their pictures together.

The clip captures the mother-daughter moments together, including Madhu feeding her daughter a piece of cake, their outing at Eiffel Tower, photographs of Madhu from previous celebrations, and Priyanka’s mother by the beach with flowers in hand.

Earlier this month, Priyanka shared a note in memory of her father, on his seventh death anniversary.

The actress took to Instagram to pen her thoughts and shared a monochrome photograph of her father, Ashok Chopra, from his youth. “We’re connected by heartstrings to infinity… Miss you dad, every single day,” she wrote.

Vivek Oberoi: Hope our industry does some serious introspection

Mumbai– Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi, who attended late actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s funeral on Monday, has expressed pain at the young actor’s untimely demise.

Vivek Oberoi (Photo: twitter)

In a social media post, Vivek blamed Bollywood for its “power play”, “ego trips”, “manipulation” and lack of acknowledgement for deserving talents (mostly those hailing from outside the industry). He feels, the industry needs to “change for the better”.

“Being at Sushant’s cremation today was so heartbreaking. I truly wish I could have shared my personal experience and helped him ease his pain. I have been through my own journey of pain, it can be very dark and lonely. But death is never the answer, suicide can never be a solution. I wish he stopped to think of his family, friends and the millions of fans who are feeling this tragic loss today…he would have realised how much people CARE!”

“When I saw his father today, having to light the fire at the cremation, the pain in his eyes was unbearable, when I heard his sister weeping, begging him to come back, I can’t express how deeply tragic it felt.”

“I hope our Industry that calls itself a family, does some serious introspection, we need to change for the better, we need to b***h less and care more, less power play and more grace and large heartedness, less ego trips and more acknowledgement for deserving talents, this family needs to truly become a family…a place where talent is nurtured and not crushed, a place where an artist feels appreciated and not manipulated. This is a wake up call for all of us.” (IANS)


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