KnowYourMeds App Adds 116 Medical Conditions to Its Management Protocols Including Diabetes, Hypertension, Hypothyroidism and PCOS

Kim Shah

WALTHAM, MA— KnowYourMeds, Inc., an innovative digital health assistant designed to make medical information and adherence accessible to anyone in the world, announced has added 116 medical conditions to its chronic conditions management feature.

This feature helps users manage and track their conditions and associated vitals, symptoms, tests, doctors’ appointments and vaccine schedules. Now being used in over 95 countries the free app will be available in English, Spanish and Hindi.

“Even though we are all currently concerned about Covid-19, it is important to remember that many people are already living with one or more other chronic conditions, and they need information and guidance on living with their respective conditions,” said KnowYourMeds Founder and CEO Kim Shah. “We are pleased to bring these clinically driven protocols to help our users lead healthier lives.”

Now, more than ever the importance of managing one’s chronic conditions is vital to maintain one’s physical and mental health. Since the recent global pandemic, those living with chronic conditions and those caring for them are even more concerned about their health and how they will manage it in isolation.

The stress of being more susceptible because of their condition or because they are immunocompromised, coupled with the uncertainty of patients being unable to access their medications has left many people looking for support. Therefore, many patients and caregivers are turning to digital health for support in these uncertain times. Being able to manage their conditions by tracking their symptoms, vitals and adhering to their medication schedules helps reinforce healthy habits which leads to healthier outcomes.

In addition, KnowYourMeds will be continuously updating the guidelines and recommendations on Covid-19, as well as sharing useful resources at:

To download the free app for iOS or Android, visit:


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