ISW Language and Cultural School Goes Online


WORCESTER, MA–Current directions on social distancing and closure of schools by the state prompted the ISW Language and Cultural School to come up with alternatives to continue teaching the 120 plus children that attend its weekend school for classes in five languages – Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil and Telugu.

Anticipating a potentially long period of school closures due to Covid-19 and ISW’s new building construction, the organization launched its “distance learning” program.

With the help of parent volunteers, who provided the technical support, ISW organized each class into 15 class-based WhatsApp groups for parent teacher communications and Zoom, WhatsApp Google Hangout, and Webex for online sessions. ISW teachers held individual online sessions at different times over the weekend and the response has been extremely positive.

The students have been very happy to see their teachers online and even more excited to see each other. We are glad to see the classes embrace this new method of interaction and that our teachers are inspired to move forward with this method of learning for the rest of the term, ISW said in a statement.

“At this difficult time, we need to stand as one. Just follow social distancing, washing hands, be informed, do not panic and take special care of our elderly,” said Ruchi Chauhan and Shiamin Melville, Co-Directors, ISW Language and Cultural School.


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