Bowling to players like Dhoni gives you important insight: Anderson

M.S. Dhoni (Photo: Instagram)

New Delhi–  New Zealand all-rounder Corey Anderson said that bowling to big players like M.S. Dhoni gives important insight into how to bowl to others. Anderson said that Dhoni is one of the best finishers in the game and whenever he was bowling to him in the Indian Premier League (IPL) playing for Royal Challengers Bangalore, he would have senior players in his ears all the time.

“He is one of the greats of the game, one of the best finishers in the world. Very difficult to bowl to him. I had Virat Kohli at long on, AB de Villiers at long off. They were continuously running in to say what do we do, what was I thinking, what should I do,” Anderson said in a live chat on Sportstar’s Instagram handle.

“Even their thoughts were like ‘if you bowl here, he will hit you for a six’ and ‘if you bowl there, he will hit you for a six’. You can subdue the moment. You know that you aren’t the first one, he has done it to every bowler in the world at some point of time,” he added.

Anderson was to be part of the postponed 2020 IPL as part of the broadcasting team after going unsold in the auctions.

“Once you bowl to those guys, it gives you a massive insight to bowl to other guys. You gain confidence once you bowl to these bigger guys like Dhoni. At times, it is demoralising but it can make you a better cricketer,” he said. (IANS)


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