Workout, documentaries, books: Singhvi mantra during lockdown


New Delhi–┬áThe lockdown announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi will continue for 21 days and as people are finding it difficult to spent time indoors, noted lawyer and Congress spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi has suggested to do something “creative”

“Ensure that your creative juices flow. Read good books. Watch informative documentaries. Do some excellent home workouts available via Youtube. Better yourself in this break,” tweeted Singhvi.

The Congress leader said there are some positive aspects to the lockdown.

“The positive to corona is that the world in large part gets a well deserved break.”

“The lack of vehicles on the road have cleaned up the air. Just hope that all medical staff, police & others who are tirelessly working get their break soon,” he said.

“The world in large parts has relearnt the importance of basic sanitation. Washing hands & keeping sanitizers handy is a thing that will stay even after coronavirus is long gone,” Singhvi said. (IANS)


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