Srinagar woman’s unique initiative for sanitary hygiene

Irfana Zargar (Photo: YouTube)


Srinagar–Distributing free sanitary products in Srinagar to women who can ill afford such products is winning Irfana Zargar a million hearts and loads of appreciation in Jammu and Kashmir.

Zargar, 34, quietly places sanitary kits, Eva Safety Door, at public toilets for women across Srinagar as a means of charity.

‘Eva Safety Door’ is an initiative to provide free sanitary products to poor women in Srinagar, she said.

She said each kit contains sanitary pads, medicines, hand wash and sanitisers.

She said she spends a part of her salary to sanitary products for poor women and hoped more people will support the initiative.

“The initiative is totally my own effort and is dedicated to my late father,” she said.

Zargar said she started the crusade to help young women enrolled in colleges who can ill-afford it.

However, she is wary that without support the initiative could suffer.

“This is the best charity according to me,” she said. “I would welcome those who want to join in or contribute,” she said. “I am aiming to cover public washrooms in whole of Srinagar.”

She has already found support in Dr Shazia Mehraj. Mehraj said she was initially apprehensive of her mission but we encouraged her not to hold back as the initiative was too noble to ignore.

“I am encouraging Zargar and support her morally,” she said.

She said she is worried about the stealing of the kits by unscrupulous elements.

In Kashmir, talking publicly about menstruation is a taboo. But Zargar’s initiative could help encourage an open discussion about the subject and dispel misconception about the specific health condition women endure every month. (IANS)


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