How To Find and Book Your Perfect Bridal Henna Artist


An essential of any Indian wedding, henna is an iconic part of any bride’s wedding look. But to have henna that will look as flawless as possible, it’s important to pick the right henna artist. It takes some research into the artists available in your area, and careful consideration of how you want to proceed with the often hours-long process of applying your bridal henna. We spoke with Manisha Trivedi, a Boston-based professional henna artist with over 20 years of experience with henna body art, about how to find your perfect bridal henna.

“A wedding day is the most cherished and memorable day for a couple and it is then, I believe, that the bride looks and feels the most beautiful. Over many years, I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many incredible brides and grooms and their lovely families,” said Trivedi. “Doing henna is not simply my profession, but my cherished passion.”

Trivedi is a 2014 finalist at the Maharani weddings henna competition, and a five-time WeddingWire “Couples’ Choice Awards” winner. You can find her work at her website, Henna Café or on her social media.

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INDIA New England News: When would you recommend that your clients start thinking about their wedding henna/mehndi? On average, how long does this process take for your clients?

Manisha Trivedi: Like any other vendor, choosing the right henna artist is very important. Wedding planning is tedious and time-consuming so the bride and groom should start talking to artists as soon as they have wedding date finalized. This gives them enough time to research and discuss details with the artist. I would highly recommend brides to take a henna consultation appointment at the early stages of the planning. You want to get a feel of the artist’s personality as much as you do their skills. Never hire a henna artist who does not mix their own henna paste. You are taking a HUGE risk in doing so. Pre-made cones out of the stores are not guaranteed to have good staining results, and they contain artificial additives and preservatives in them.

Please ask for henna artist recommendations from other wedding vendors, you are working with. I highly recommend couples to check an artist’s portfolio on their website or social media and read the reviews for them as well as their team. Most importantly, the henna artist should provide a bridal contract in which they have laid out the terms of your agreement, and the final pricing. This makes sure you are both on the same page, and that no changes can be made unless both parties agree. Be prepared to leave a deposit if you decide to book them. This will secure your date. This process can take anywhere from one week to few months.

INE: How do you prepare to work with a client on their wedding henna/mehndi event?

MT: I offer henna consultation to discuss details about their bridal henna design, henna parties and other henna related logistics. I also apply a small henna design for the bride to test the henna stain. I also recommend that the bride completes her manicure, pedicure and waxing of her hands and legs before the henna appointment. A Bride should plan to get her henna day scheduled at least 2 or 3 days before the wedding date with only close friends and family. Don’t plan to get your henna done during the henna party. It is highly recommended and suggested that bridal henna be done in a calm and stress-free environment. I understand that weddings can be hectic and my goal is simply to ensure that the day of the bridal henna application is the one day you can relax and be worry-free. Less distractions will also allow me to work in a timely manner. Depending on their customized design, it could take several hours to apply the henna and an additional 6 hours or so of keeping the henna paste to get the optimum results for their wedding day. Comfortable seating and proper lighting are also important factors to consider. Benches and other fancy seating arrangements look great for pictures but aren’t so comfortable and practical to sit on for hours while having your henna done. So, consider having a table and chair set up for bridal henna as well as for henna parties. Also, if they have hired a photographer, we discuss the arrival time of the photographer. It is best to book the photographer last 1- 2hrs into your booked Bridal henna slot.

INE: On the day of the event, how should someone prepare to have the best results possible for their event?

MT: Please don’t apply any moisturizer or Vaseline on your hands and feet before the henna application. It is ok to apply Vaseline on your nails before getting henna applied, especially if you have a French manicure/pedicure. Also remove your contact lenses before your bridal henna appointment. Choose your henna day wardrobe carefully, because you will not be able to use your hands at all for several hours after you get your bridal henna. Depending on your choice of design, your henna day might be long; plan to wear a dress or skirt to facilitate using the restroom and a loose upper garment for changing for bed. Set aside one full day or at least half a day for your bridal henna session and plan to keep your henna paste for at least 6 hours after the application for optimum stain. Do not use gloves, plastic or saran wrap as this contributes to sweating and hence a smudged design. Do not use soap and water in the area for next 12hrs. Use gloves after you scrap off the henna paste, if necessary. And last but not the least Keep straws handy so that it will be easy for others to keep you hydrated.

INE: If you could only tell an engaged couple who are preparing for their wedding one piece of advice about henna/mehndi what would it be?

MT: Henna Night is a super unique and fun interactive experience, one which you and your guests will cherish forever. So just relax and enjoy yourself!


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