Shami trolled for photo of daughter celebrating Saraswati Puja

Mohammed Shami (Photo:

New Delhi– Mohammed Shami has drawn flack after he posted an image of his daughter celebrating Saraswati Puja on his Instagram account.

Shami, who is in New Zealand with the rest of the Indian team, posted the picture with a caption that said: “Looking so sweet beta love you so much. god bless you beta see you soon.”

Users who posted negative comments were mostly incensed by the fact that Shami’s daughter was celebrating Saraswati Puja, despite his religion. “As a Muslim you shouldn’t participate in puja,” said one user.

“Dear Shami, plz don’t write Muhammad with ur name it is our humble request (sic.),” said another.

At the same time however, there were also a number of users who complimented Shami for being “a great ambassador of love.”

Shami was pivotal in India’s 5-0 win over New Zealand in the recently concluded T20I series between the two sides. He may have taken only two wickets but it was his final over that forced the third T20I into a Super Over which New Zealand were otherwise winning comfortably. India went on to win the match and thus sealed the series victory. (IANS)


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