Hina Khan on Twitter war with KRK: High time we lift each other

Hina Khan (Photo: Wikipedia)

By Sugandha Rawal

New Delhi– Hina Khan feels it was important to give a fitting reply to an unkind tweet posted Kamaal R. Khan, and the actress says she doesnt understand why people waste time by talking negative about “someone you dont know or someone who doesnt matter to you”.

Hina gave it back to social media ‘critic’ Kamaal about her Bollywood debut film “Hacked”.

“I got shocked to know that someone has made a film with #HinaKhan! Who will watch it? I am 100 per cent sure that it will be watched by alone Hina Khan only,” KRK posted on Twitter.

To which, Hina responded: “#LetsLiftEachOther… Instead of putting each other down for no reason.. I may not matter to you but I have worked my a** off to reach where I am today.. #AppreciationOrNoAppreciation #FromTelevisionToFilms #TelevisionHasItAll #WeDeserveAChanceToo.”

In an interview to IANS, Hina opened up about her way of dealing with trolls, and why was it important to address that particular tweet.

“I completely believe in the hashtag (#LetsLiftEachOther). It is high time that we lift each other rather than pull each other down. I don’t know why we believe in pulling (each other down). I think we don’t believe in it but somehow it is just that you don’t want to see other person doing well. It happens automatically and you start talking negatively about that. You don’t want to, but it happens because you don’t want to see somebody ahead of you. I don’t understand this logic,” Hina said.

“If you can’t appreciate, at least stay quiet. Why do you have to talk negative about somebody? Someone you don’t know about or someone who doesn’t matter to you. Why are you wasting your time?,” she added.

Does online trolling bother her? “Initially, it used to bother me, and I used to give it back to them. Now, I don’t… That tweet really needed a reply. It’s very sad that in whatever way, whichever way whether it is by criticising people or by reviewing or doing whatever stuff that concerned “xyz” person does… It is sad that you have so many people who look upto you, follow you and maybe a million listen to you blindly. Why to do such stuff?” she said.

At the moment, the actress is looking forward to “Hacked”, which explores the dark side of the digital and the social media world. The film is directed by Vikram Bhatt, and also features actors Rohan Shah, Mohit Malhotra and Sid Makkar. The film will release on February 7. (IANS)


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