Couture is not up my alley: Kareena Kapoor Khan

Kareena Kapoor (Photo: facebook)

By Puja Gupta

New Delhi– Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor Khan says she doesn’t believe in trends and likes to go casual as “couture is not up her alley” and never goes out of her way to style herself in a couture gown.

The “Good Newwz” actress in a candid chat with IANSlife reveals a lot more about her fashion priorities, shares fashion hacks and more on the sidelines of the Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2020, held in Hyderabad where she walked the ramp for veteran designer Manish Malhotra.

How has your definition of fashion changed over the years?

Kareena: Well, I think fashion is always about being comfortable in your own skin rather than trying to follow trends or follow somebody else’s footsteps. I think the whole idea is that to be so comfortable that you look confident especially being a woman one should be comfortable and feel confident.

How has Bollywood fashion evolved?

Kareena: Bollywood fashion is always based on the film, it always goes according to the films, according to the part that an actor is displaying. And Manish in fact is an absolute guru in that because he kind of does such wonderful films and he styles those films according to what the flavour of the film is. In that sense, I would say that he is the master in his own game.

What do you like to wear on a very ordinary day?

Kareena: Just the way I am. I’m always in jeans and boots and a sweater or sweatshirt, very casual. Couture is not up my alley. I obviously do it as part of my job. But I don’t go out of my way to style myself in a couture gown.

Have you ever stolen anything from your sisters or mothers wardrobe?

Kareena: Well, from my sister’s – not because we’ve never really been the same size. She’s quite tiny and I am rather big-built. So sharing jeans and stretching them out was never an option. And my mum, yeah! My mum always has lovely jewellery pieces which I want to steal from her.

The most precious thing that you own?

Kareena: I never throw my jeans. I have kept my jeans like forever. So each piece of jeans, denim that I own, it is something that I never throw away.

Please share some fashion hacks.

Kareena: Like I said, I don’t believe in like a typical kind of a fashion. I always want to believe in things that I feel I will look good in. It could be even a simple black dress, which I think every girl should have in their wardrobe.

The most fashionable person you know?

Kareena: Well, it will be my sister.

A fashion trend that you wish to go away this year?

Kareena: I don’t know. Trends are something that you have to choose to follow if you believe in them. I don’t believe in trends.

A fashion trend that you think will never fade?

Kareena: Saree!

How was your association with the Blenders Pride Fashion Tour?

Kareena: Well, I’m really honoured to be walking for Blenders Pride. It’s such a milestone and it’s obviously my first time. I think the combination also is exciting because it’s also with one of my best friend’s Manish (Malhotra) and a collection of his that I dearly love because he’s combined a lot of contemporary, you know fusion with traditional attributes – which is I think is Manisha’s fortay. People love seeing his clothes in that kind of a space. And yeah, I’m just happy to have this combination, lucky to walk for this combination.

What is your interpretation of pride which is also the theme of the fashion tour?

Kareena: I take great pride in being a working woman today. My independence as a wife, as a mother and that’s something I think every woman should be proud of. I think to represent that on the Blenders Pride stage is something that I think comes naturally to me because when people automatically kind of looked at me, there is that instant connect of you — being a working, modern woman which I think is the pride of India today.

How is it walking the ramp for Manish everytime?

Kareena: It’s great working with him. Like I said, he’s a dear friend and I have walked many a time for him. But each time it gets even more special because I think he takes his creativity to the next level. So, it’s always never similar any of his collections one from the other and I’ve seen him grow from strength to strength. He seen me grow. So I think our combination has always been quite dynamic, be it in films or stage.

Do you do rehearsals or just follow your heart and be yourself on the ramp?

Kareena: I had been doing it so often. Of course, I’m always nervous but there’s no rehearsal as such because I think I’m pretty much a pro now. (IANS)


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