Coronavirus: Hindu Mahasabha writes to WHO to ban meat sale

Swami Chakrapani of Hindu Mahasabha (Photo courtsey: The Indian Express)

New Delhi- The Hindu Mahasabha has demanded a ban on the sale of meat in view of the novel coronavirus and has written to the Director General of the World Health Organisation for that.

In a letter dated February 6, Swami Chakrapani, the head of the Hindu Mahasabha has written, “I urge to you to promulgate advisory for the Health Departments of all the governments of the world to ban the sale and consumption of animal meat altogether. Not only this, practice of killing animals for their meat is an unethical inhuman act, but it has brought mankind to brink of worldwide spread of deadly diseases.”

In India, at least 5,120 people are under home surveillance and at least 741 tests have been done so far. Three Indians have tested positive.

China, the epicentre of the disease, says 565 people have died and at least 28,018 infected so far. A newborn has become the youngest to be diagnosed with the virus.

There is no treatment for the deadly virus, which scientists suspect originated in bats. It may have been transmitted to other animals and birds, scientists fear. (IANS)


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