Sophisticated Pastels With Soft Vintage Stand Out For New Age Brides This Season


In an increasingly connected world, there is an abundance of options for wedding fashion waiting at your fingertips- from classic silhouettes to avant-garde statement outfits. But when you are faced with so many choices, it can be daunting to find what will be the right outfit for your fabulous wedding. We spoke to Mani Singh, an expert on luxury Indian and South Asian fashion all about choosing the perfect outfit for your big day.

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INDIA New England News: How do you prepare to work with a client on their wedding outfit?

Mani Singh: When I am working on wedding outfits, I like to see what’s beautiful and what is relevant to the brides. I always start by asking my client if they have an idea, concept or a theme for their wedding or wedding attire. I need to understand my client’s choice in the form of silhouettes, embroidery, motifs, colors etc. that they like and would like to see on their wedding outfit. I try to make each design unique and keep the aesthetic very modern day. I believe wedding ensemble should reflect couple’s style and should be an extension of couple’s inner style and expression.

INE: When would you recommend your clients start looking for the perfect wedding outfit? How long does finding just the right outfit take for your clients?

MS: Each client has a unique design philosophy for their wedding ensemble. Everyone is different. Nowadays brides are very well read and travelled. They exactly know what they want to wear on their wedding day. They want outfits that are versatile and will outlast time and trends.  I would suggest if they have time to start looking for as early as they can most probably a year because a perfect outfit come with lot of trials and customizations.

INE: Interracial, interreligious and intercultural marriages are on the rise- what are the challenges in choosing outfits for a wedding that brings more than one cultural tradition together?

MS: Interracial/ intercultural weddings give brides/groom a chance to explore their personality and diverse choices and with these kinds of weddings the diversity of ideas that we get to work with is a welcome change.

INE: What clothing designs and elements are “must-haves” for any Indian wedding? Is it better to have a “classic” outfit or have an outfit that incorporates the latest trends?

MS: New age brides love sophisticated pastels with a soft vintage look in pink, blush, shades of gold, powder blue and ivory which look spectacular on every skin. Classics like traditional red which is symbolic of marriage will always stand out with a unique sense of style and fashion that is not ruled by the trends. As far as bridal wear is concerned, I recommend that a bride wear a piece that best resonates with her culture, roots, heritage. Classics that work for everyone is a red lehenga, a Benarasi blouse or a Kanjeevaram saree. I think tradition can never go out of style and with fashion we can enhance it to create a timeless look that will stay contemporary every year.

INE: What trends are catching your eye as a fashion designer this year?

MS: Now days the silhouette of a lehenga-choli remains the same but the choli has now become off-shoulder, Victorian style. I love sparkle and shimmer, floral prints, puff sleeves, feathers, ruffles which adds volume and drama to any outfit.

INE: If you could only tell an engaged couple who are preparing for their wedding one piece of advice about choosing their wedding outfit, what would it be?

MS: I would suggest the couples not to impersonate others as every style, cut, pattern and color is different. Please don’t pick an outfit based on how flattering it looked on a celebrity, model or another bride. It is very important to stand out and be yourself because only then can you create truly beautiful wedding ensemble.


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