Kunal Kamra’s hilarious tweets after flying ban amuse Twitterati

Kunal Kamra (Photo: Twitter)

New Delhi–The mid-air row involving television anchor Arnab Goswami and stand-up comic Kunal Kamra is far from over. It all started after Kamra shared a video on Twitter where he could be heard asking uncomfortable questions to his co-passenger Goswami, including “viewers today want to know if Arnab is a coward or a nationalist?”

Taking cognizance of the viral social media post, Indigo, Air India and SpiceJet have have temporarily banned Kamra for allegedly heckling Goswami in a flight from Mumbai to Lucknow on Tuesday.

After the flying ban, the comedian flooded twitter with witty tweets which have amused netizens. Kamra wrote: “To all you ‘Nationalists’…A member of the Anti-national club approached Arnab for a dialogue, he could educate me better on national interests & how I should keep nation first… instead of that he chose to watch some ****** movie & not engage. Arnab your mask is off….”

Kamra also took sarcastic jibes at the situation and took a dig at Indigo after the airline barred him for flying. “Thank you Indigo a six month suspension is honestly very kind of you…Modiji might be suspending Air India forever,” he wrote.

On Air India slapping a ban on him, he wrote, “I had 4kgs excess luggage once, your card machine wasn’t working & I didn’t have cash…He said ‘Jane do sir’…I said ‘Nahi, aapki airline debt main hai, Main paise de ke jaunga’…I waited till he could figure how to take my money. Acha Sila diya tune mere pyaar ka…”

Replying to the SpiceJet ban, he wrote: “Modiji can I walk yaan uspe bhi baan hai…”

Another post read, “IRCTC ka website Nahi Khul raha…Kare to Kare kya bole toh bole kya.”

One post read: “Maine suna hai road transportation pe bhi baan hai mera.”

“Right Wing – Goli maaro saalon ko…Liberals – We must not disturb people on flights & respect an individuals private space,” he wrote.

Another tweet read: “I used to earlier make calculated decisions using my mind & I use to care about how the work I put out makes me look…The mind is a coward & takes calculated risks & measures rewards, I’m no more a mathematician I now follow my heart…The heart is stupid.”

“Arrey @airvistara kar hi do yaar, I won’t judge you, Main drive karke goa nikal ne ka plan bana hi raha hoon… thoda break bhi lena Banta hai…,” read a post.

Another post remarked: “People who took a flight when they shouldn’t have…Vijay Mallya, Lalit Modi, Nirav Modi, Mehul Choksi…Thought I’d just put it out there….”

One tweet read: “Chronology of finding Purpose : 1) There is no Purpose, 2) I don’t have answers to the Purpose, 3) I don’t care about the Purpose. 4) Search is the Purpose, 5) There is no Purpose.” (IANS)


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