Indian Speaker Warns European Union Over CAA Resolution

Om Birla

New Delhi–Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla has written to European Parliament President over resolutions against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA), saying that passing the same will set an “unhealthy precedent”.

Arguing against the resolutions, Birla pressed to “respect sovereign processes of fellow legislatures”.

The letter further read, “It is inappropriate for one legislature to pass judgement on another, a practice that can be misused by vested interests. I would urge you to consider the proposed Resolution in this light, confident that none of us want to set an unhealthy precedent.”

While it is unclear who Birla was referring to as “vested interests”, but he is perceived to be hinting at those opposed to the new citizenship law.

Birla wrote the letter to European Parliament President David Maria Sassoli.

Out of 751 members of the EU Parliament, 626 have moved six resolutions on two issues — CAA and reorganisation of Jammu and Kashmir. The diplomatic offensive by the EU against India comes ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Brussels for the India-EU summit in March.

This is seen as EU Parliament’s tactics to pressurise New Delhi, particularly after Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s relentless global campaign against India over both the issues.

Now with Birla shooting off a letter warning the EU Parliament of setting an “unhealthy precedent”, the ball is now in the court of EU. (IANS)


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