Creativity, Passion and Precision: Finding the Right Decorator for Your Dream Wedding


Just as you find the perfect outfit for your wedding, finding the right decorations is an integral part of any event. Finding the right decorator can turn your event into a day that everyone will remember and create an atmosphere of joy and celebration of your union.

Shyla Abbimutt

But how do you choose? What sorts of decorations express your love story? We asked Shyla Abbimutt of GlamStop all about wedding decorations and more.

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INDIA New England News: How do you prepare to work with a client on their wedding? What are the things that you need to know before you start your work with a client?

Shyla Abbimutt: Wedding planners and decorators are extremely responsible for the overall look, environment, and atmosphere of my client’s big day. I feel creativity and bringing that to life is an essential key. As a successful decorator I would work closely with the bride and groom ahead of time, go over every detail, and prepare deliberately to an extent that I’m capable of seeing the potential in a particular venue. Then I do intense design, planning, and work on creating an atmosphere in which my bride and groom could only imagine seeing on their big day!  Not just them, but I also would make their guests feel like they are in paradise as they walk into the venue. GlamStop – Wedding decor works on their clients’ overall experience and afterward, how thoughtfully they remember the experience of the wedding they attended.

INE: When would you recommend that your clients start the event-planning and decorating process? On average, how long does this process take for your clients?

SA: The earlier you start the wedding planning process, the better. This way you are more likely to book your ideal venue and vendors. I would recommend all my clients to start planning with GlamStop wedding decor at least 12 months ahead of your wedding or soon after your engagement. Frankly speaking, no wedding is truly complete without wedding decorations. Whether you choose simple or grand decorations, you need a talented decorator who can turn your special event into the magical, extraordinary, mesmerizing once-in-a-lifetime celebration that you will never forget. These wedding decorations don’t come easy. GlamStop wedding decor has remarkable and creative ideas and precise preparation in store for you.

INE: Interracial, interreligious and intercultural marriages are on the rise- what are the challenges in providing decorations for a wedding that brings more than one cultural tradition together? What designs and elements are “must-haves” for any Indian wedding?

SA: The best part of these kinds of weddings is celebrating each culture.

The biggest challenge in providing decor for fusion weddings is to satisfy and please both sides of the families by adopting their cultures, traditions, and religions. An extra element of challenge in this is really finding out what’s important to the bride and groom, what customs and tradition matter to both and what they want to follow.  Next is to incorporate both cultures. Last but not least to identify similarities in both cultures and to find out how many events a client wants to have and plan to decorate those events. Whatever it is, we discuss with clients what matters to them the most early on in the process so we are on the right path from the beginning.

There are many main elements in Indian weddings. As a wedding decorator, I strongly feel one must-have element in Indian weddings is “Kannayadaan” in a beautifully decorated mandap in red or hint of red & flowers with a Ganesh idol

The color red & flowers are considered as auspicious Lord Ganesh to bless the bride and groom, ceremony and remove the obstacles.

INE: In your experience, what is the average size of a wedding party? What is the largest wedding you’ve ever worked with? The smallest?

SA: The average size of the wedding decor I have done is for 250 to 300 guests. The largest wedding I have done so far is for 460 guests at Lombardo’s.

INE: If you could only tell an engaged couple who are preparing for their wedding one piece of advice about choosing decorations, what would it be?

SA: I have already mentioned this above and I will repeat this advice again … to all my amazing brides and grooms, soon after you get engaged, decide the right eligible vendor for your wedding decor and book them to make your dream wedding a reality.


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