Bollywood actresses look back at past decade with nostalgia

Bhumi Pednekar

Mumbai–Many Bollywood stars have been in a nostalgic mood over the past days, reminiscing about the decade that was. Several actors took to social media to recall experiences of the past decade and expressed how they are looking forward to the new one.

Bhumi Pednekar expressed that the bygone decade has turned her into a stronger person, but at the same time has created a vacuum by taking away a lot of people close to her. She wrote: “Cause life is all about beautiful moments and the last decade gave me so many. It gave me life experiences that have made me stronger. It took away a lot of people I love and that vacuum can never be filled 🙂 But it also gave me an opportunity to chase my dream and it gave me all of you, my family that keeps showering me with such love. It gave me people that have been nothing less than angels in my life and I can’t thank you enough for supporting and loving me like your own. Am living my dream in every way possible. Am full of gratitude and feel blessed to have my loved ones happy and healthy. The next decade is only going to be better. To a better world and a happier you #2019 #2020 #gratitude #happynewyear #happy2020.”

Kriti Sanon shared that 2019 has been one of her most special years so far. The actress wrote: “A year full of laughter, craziness, drama and much more.. Bye Bye 2019!! You’ve been one of my most special years so far!! A bigggg thank you to the audience, the janta, my fans, all fanclubs and the 28M(almost) instafam!! You guys kept me going! Stay with me.. picture abhi baaki hai..#Gratitude.”

For Ileana D’Cruz, the last year has been incredibly trying, challenging, testing and tough. However, the actress wants to forget everything and feel thankful. She wrote: “2019 – wow where to begin…You’ve been incredibly trying, challenging, testing – tough…but I’m not going to make this post a sob story because it’s not. This is about being so incredibly thankful! Thankful for the beautiful people in my life…for friends from 20years who’ve gotten closer still! Friends who are like family. Friends who’ve stuck by me, held me up and believed in me when I didn’t…I love you more than I say, I love you all for being there for me, and I hope I can be there just as much and more than you all have.”

She added: “Wow ok getting a bit emotional but last and not the least my lovely insta family – you guys are just awesome! Yes even the mean ones! I’m sure there’s a little awesome hiding in there somewhere and it’ll come out sooner or later. I’m not big on New Year resolutions because it just feels like pressure haha but I want to end the year with a whole lot of positivity and gratefulness. 2020 is going be bloody awesome and I plan to make the absolute most of it. Happy New Year everybody.”

Sonam Kapoor feels the past decade has been brilliant because she has featured in some incredible movies and has met people who became friends for life. Sharing a video where she can be seen engaged in a passionate kiss with her husband Anand Ahuja, she wrote: “This past decade has been the most brilliant. I’ve acted in some incredible movies where I’ve met some amazing people who’ve become lifelong friends. I’ve made three films with @rheakapoor and realised that sisters make the best partners and can break glass Ceilings together with our films and sartorial choices And taken our passion for fashion and started @wearerheson. I met my soulmate @anandahuja and got married to him and built a home together. But most of all this decade has taught me that life has many paths and the only path that one should take is the one paved with the right intentions. Thank you to my family and friends, thank you to films and fashion. You make me whole. May love lead your way!” (IANS)


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