This 8-feet Afghan has tall problems in Lucknow

Sher Khan

Lucknow–His eight feet tall stature has always made heads turn but for Sher Khan there has been a number of problems in the Uttar Pradesh capital here ever since he arrived to watch the ODI cricket series between Afghanistan and West Indies.

Sher Khan, who stands at eight feet two inches, has not found a suitable accommodation for himself in the state capital.

Majority of the hotels did not give him a room to stay and some even indicated that they found him ‘suspicious’.

Sher Khan finally approached the Naka Police station where the police, after verifying his credentials, took him to Hotel Rajdhani on Tuesday night.

Khan told the hotel staff that he found the room ‘uncomfortable’. The bed was short and he slept with his legs hanging out, the washroom was ‘inconvenient’ and so were the chairs.

As soon as the news of the ‘tall man’ spread in the area, scores of people came to the hotel to see Khan, who finally had to be escorted by the police to the Ekana stadium to watch the match where, again, he was the bigger attraction.

Khan also asked the hotel staff about tourist spots in Lucknow and wanted to visit them but the problem was that he could not get into an auto.

Khan will be staying in Lucknow for the next four days before he flies back to his country.


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