Farmers have sex the most, scribes the least: Survey

Representative image (Photo courtesy: PTI)

London– If you want a good and active sex life — apart from clean air, fresh food and healthy ageing — farming can be an option as a survey has revealed that farmers enjoy better sex life than any other profession.

At the other end of the scale are journalists who said they have action between the sheets only once a month.

Even lawyers expressed problems in their bedroom life as 27 per cent of them “admitted to faking an orgasm every time they have sex”.

The survey of 2,000 men and women by Lelo UK, an intimate lifestyle company, found that farmers have sex the most, with over 33 per cent claiming to have sex at least once a day, reports

Interestingly, 67 per cent of farmers surveyed said their bedroom performance is “incredible”.

While farmers were ahead as having the most sex, 21 per cent of architects and 17 per cent of hairdressers also claimed to have sex daily.

“Even within groups such as professions where there is a lot of similarities, we have to consider that there is a huge amount of individual differences impacting people’s sexuality and sex lives,” Kate Moyle, an expert at Lelo UK, was quoted as saying.

“The lifestyle factors of our jobs such as flexibility of working hours and the environment are also likely to have an impact on all our lives not just our sex lives,” Moyle added.

Among the journalists, a fifth claimed they only have sex once a month, the reported.

“However, what we may expect are some trends, for example, the level of physical activity in a career such as a farmer, rather than someone in an office setting may impact levels of fitness and energy,” explained Moyle. (IANS)


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