Playing a kathak dancer a big challenge: Upendra limaye

Upendra Limaye

By Ahana Bhattacharya

Mumbai– National award-winning actor Upendra Limaye is all set to make his Hindi television debut with the upcoming soap “Tara From Satara”. The actor plays a kathak dance teacher and father of two daughters.

“My character Sachin Mane is a kathak dancer from Satara. He stays with his family and runs a kathak school. He believes that kathak is the best dance form and hates the Bollywood style of dancing. His elder daughter Radhika is a good student, dancer, his obedient and favourite. Younger daughter Tara, the protagonist, is, however, not interested in studies, is disobedient and often gets a scolding. The story mainly deals with the father and his younger daughter’s relationship,” Upendra told IANS.

For Upendra, mastering the moves of kathak was the big challenge while doing the show. “I have never played a dancer before. So, I was getting to do something new. Every actor should come out of their comfort zone, otherwise they tend to be typecast. I take new characters, which are not in my comfort zone as a challenge and an opportunity.”

Upendra Limaye is a popular name in Marathi cinema, and has made a mark in Bollywood with his roles in films such as “Chandni Bar”, “Page 3”, “Traffic Signal” and “Sarkar Raj”. Why did he wait for so many years before making a debut on Hindi television? “I have been getting offers for Hindi television serials for many years, but mostly for typical saas-bahu daily soaps. I did not want to work in that format. Even though I believe TV is a very powerful medium, I always give priority to script when it comes to choosing work, be it in films or on TV. It is all about storytelling. So, the story has to be interesting and strong,” he explained.

What is so special about “Tara From Satara”, which is also a daily soap, that made him opt for the role? He replied: “When I heard the script, I felt it was something different and felt like doing it. The show has strong content and characters that are similar to real life. It is a fusion of reality show and fiction. Many a time when I watch characters in TV shows, I wonder who could possibly talk in the way these characters do, or wear the kind of clothes at home that they wear, or go to bed at night wearing such heavy makeup. This show is different in that way. I am sure viewers will not ask such questions after watching it. It has relatable and believable content.”

The 49-year-old actor, who has bagged the National Award as Best Actor for his performance in the Marathi film “Jogwa”, said that, in order to appear convincing as a kathak dancer, he is leaving no stone unturned.

“I have done graduation from Pune University in dramatics. I have friends who are classical dancers. They helped me with inputs while preparing for this character. I am picking up tips on a dancer’s body language, on how he speaks the “bol”. I am really enjoying it. As an actor I want people who understand Kathak to find my performance authentic, and those who don’t to find it correct,” he concluded, about his role for the Sony TV show airing from August 19. (IANS)


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