Russell Peters on his journey as a comedian

Russell Peters

Mumbai– Indo-Canadian comedian Russell Peters says he was barely making a living out of comedy at the initial stage of his career.

“You don’t need a manager when you start doing comedy. Here’s the thing here, you’re in a different time now. You see how you’ve probably been on TV and you have a show right now and you’re doing corporates and you’re only 10 years in,” Peters said in a statement.

“In 10 years, I did not have any of these things. It was just like ‘Nobody cared’. I didn’t have a manager, I didn’t have anybody paying attention,” he added.

He says he was “barely making a living”.

The comedian continued: “But I was still doing it because I didn’t know that where I’m at now is where I could be, I did not know that. It wasn’t even like ‘I know that one day great things will come to me’. I had no clue any of that is going to happen. I was just like ‘Hopefully, I make enough money one day where I don’t have to worry if my mortgage or rent is gonna be paid’.”

Peters opened up about his journey while talking to comedian Vipul Goyal, who is seen impersonating as his own manager in MX Exclusive “Humorously Yours 2” – a TVF Original series. It will start streaming on MX Player from June 7. (IANS)


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