TiECON East’s Track II Looks Into Digital Health: From Scaling a Digital Health Company to the Future of Patient Data


BOSTON—If you are curious about the rapidly changing landscape of health care, especially digital health, you may want to attend Track-II at TiECON East, the largest entrepreneur conference in East Coast.

The day-long conference will be held on Tuesday, May 7, from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm at Westin Waterfront hotel in Boston. To buy ticket, please click here.)

Here is what organizers are saying about these topics, companies and speakers:

Amazon in Healthcare

From AWS, to Pillpack, to Alexa, to Whole Foods, to Haven Healthcare – where doesn’t Amazon have its tentacles in healthcare?  This flash talk and panel will uncover two of these areas by convening leaders who are on the inside track.

Speakers will talk about Amazon’s efforts in healthcare from their vantage and also the ways in which Amazon is supporting digital health innovation externally.

Elliot Menschik, Global Head of Healthcare and Life Sciences Startups for Amazon Web Services (AWS), will provide detailed insight on AWS’s approach.  Jim Harper, Co-Founder and COO at Sonde Health will talk about his company’s use of AWS platform for their innovation in voice biomarkers and the potential of these biomarkers to help voice services like Alexa become 21st century health assistants.

Don’t miss this vibrant discussion on Amazon’s potential to transform healthcare, focusing on two of its most interesting initiatives.

Scaling a Digital Health Company

Building a startup is hard. Building a successful startup in healthcare is incredibly hard. Tough regulations, exceedingly long sales cycles, insane contract requirements, unreasonable expectations. In which other industry is it the norm that most new products are not only expected to deliver quality outcomes but are also often required to save the buyer money in the long run?

The bar is high. But for those who can clear that bar, the rewards are significant. This panel comprises founders of some of the most successful healthcare startups with roots in the Boston area and impact across the country.

Jay Desai, Founder and CEO of PatientPing. Zoe Barry, Founder and CEO of ZappRx, and Trishan Panch, Founder of Wellframe, will share their learnings as they took their ideas through funding (hard) and scaling (even harder). If you have dreams of being a founder or if you are a founder wondering just how much longer it will take to get that pilot project approved, or to get that interminable pilot converted into a real paying client, then this is the panel where you’ll hear from folks who’ve been there, done that.

The Future of Patient Data

Even as our society continues to grapple with insufficient interoperability of clinical data, the world of patient data is growing exponentially with the addition of genetic information, sensor information, social determinants, and more.

What will this mean for healthcare stakeholders such as payers, hospital systems, and clinicians, and most importantly for patients? What are the challenges and opportunities for entrepreneurs to make their mark?

Who better to give us insight into these questions than Dr. John Halamka, the trailblazing innovator at Beth Israel Lahey and Harvard professor, Rodrigo Martinez, Chief of design and marketing at Veritas Genetics, a spin-off from George Church’s lab and one of the hottest startups in the space, Danielle Ciofani, Director of Data Strategy at The Broad Institute, a leader in genetic research, and Mary Varghese, VP of Life Sciences at IBM Watson Health, which has been at the cutting edge of AI on large combined data sets in healthcare.

Data is changing healthcare faster than most people think is happening. Don’t get left behind.



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