Would love to sing more for Punjabi films: Akriti

Akriti Kakar (Photo: Twitter)

New Delhi– Singer Akriti Kakar wants to sing more for Punjabi films.

“I had sung in a Punjabi film (‘Chak Jawana’) for Gurdas Maan saab and also for composers like Jaidev. I would love to sing more in the Punjab film industry,” Akriti told IANS.

The “Saturday Saturday” hitmaker has come up with a new version of Punjabi folk songs “Chitta Kukkad” and “Baghe Vich”.

“A lot of people (her fans) wanted to hear folk music so, I thought why not start with Punjabi folk that I’ve not done before. It’s been a very major part of my growing up years. All the years that I spent with my dadaji (grandfather), he used to play folk songs of artistes like Parkash Kaur and Surinder Kaur,” she said.

“I think that is how it became an integral part of my life. That’s also the reason why I chose to sing these folk songs. I would love to explore more… be it Punjabi folk or folk music from other places such as Gujarat, Bengal, south India, Himachal Pradesh or Rajasthan. So yes, you might hear me doing more folk songs.” (IANS)


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