South Asian Bar Association of Greater Boston Celebrates its 15th Anniversary

Justice Sabita Singh

BOSTON–The South Asian Bar Association of Greater Boston, known as SABA GB, celebrated its 15th Anniversary earlier this month.  The event was sponsored and held at Sullivan & Worcester, LLP’s Boston office.

Keerthi Sugumaran

The evening featured a keynote address from Justice Sabita Singh, an Associate Justice of the Massachusetts Appeals Court.

Justice Singh is a founding member and the first President of SABA GB. Justice Singh also served as the third president of the South Asian Bar Association of North America.

The 2019 SABA GB Board of Directors

In her address, Justice Singh reminisced about the early days of the organization when the founding members identified South Asian attorneys through the Massachusetts Lawyers Diary and Manual (i.e. a directory for the approximately 40,000 attorneys in the Commonwealth).

Today, SABA GB has over one hundred active members and supports the development of hundreds of law students and attorneys.  Justice Singh remarked on her immense sense of pride in the organization’s growth and the accomplishments of its members since the organization’s humble beginnings.

The 2019 SABA GB Advisory Board

In addition to Justice Singh’s address, the 2019 SABA GB President Keerthi Sugumaran spoke about her hopes for the organization’s continued growth. She highlighted the success of SABA GB’s mentorship program for South Asian law students and the award-winning Know Your Right’s program for the South Asian community.  In addition, she announced new initiatives to support and advance the career development of mid-level attorneys and South Asian women attorneys.

As part of the celebration, SABA GB recognized the contributions of the Advisory Board Members and Former Presidents.

From Left to Right: Sonia Shah, Neetu Sehgal, Navjeet Bal

The Advisory Board includes Navjeet Bal, Rachna Balakrishna, Rajeev Balakrishna, Manisha Bhatt, Councilor Mehreen Butt, Aloke Chakravarty, Mark Flemming, Chairwoman Sunila Thomas George, Samia Kirmani, the Honorable Maynard Kirpalani, Ameek Ponda, Annapoorni Sankaran, the Honorable Sabita Singh, and the Honorable Neil K. Sheering.

The Former Presidents include Justice Singh, Annapoorni Sankaran, Samia Kirmani, Natasha Varyani, Sa’adiyah Masoud, Manisha Bhatt, Gauri Punjabi, Hinna Upal, Saraa Basaria and Rashima Shukla.  SABA GB sincerely appreciates the tireless efforts of these individuals to grow the organization and to advance the interests of South Asian attorneys and the South Asian community as a whole.


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