Actor Akshay Kumar Interviews Prime Minister Narendra Modi About His Life and Everything But Politics


NEW DELHI–Bollywood star Akshay Kumar conducted a candid interaction with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at his residence in New Delhi. During the interaction, PM Modi spoke about his life and experiences and everything but politics and the election.

Here are some of the interesting moments of this interaction with Akshay Kumar:

Akshay Kumar asked PM Modi, “You sleep only three-four hours, a body needs at least seven, right?” PM Modi responded, “When President Obama met me for the first time he asked me why do you do this? Now whenever we meet he asks me have you increased the amount you slept or now?”

PM Modi revealed to Akshay Kumar his love for Mangoes. “I love mangoes. Gujarat has a tradition of Aamras as well,” PM Modi said. “While growing up, we did not have the luxury to buy mangoes. But I loved plucking mangoes directly from the tree. It used to be the best,” PM Modi said.

To watch the full interview, please click here or on the link below:


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