65 Teams to Participate in NEMA Drishya 2019 Finale on April 27 at Marlboro Middle School


MARLBOROUGH, MA–NEMA Drishya 2019, the largest Indian-American arts festival in America is currently ongoing in New England area.  Four days of competitions are already complete, with over 800 registered participants, Drishya 2019 is racing towards grand finale on April 27th with 65 teams set to take center stage for electrifying group dance competitions.

Drishya 2019 edition kicked off with the Arts Day.  In addition to competitions, Nema’s 2nd annual ‘Arts from the Heart’ painting exhibition drew great attention from artists and patrons alike and is fast becoming a cherished platform for local artists in the community to showcase their beautiful creations.

Days 2 through 4 covered a variety of events from singing to solo classical dance and as has now become the tradition, all events were at maximum capacity.  Nema strives to improve program quality every year, and for 2019, the focus was put into widening the judging panel, and this year’s competitions saw judges from New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey in addition to experts from Massachusetts.  All out of state judges unanimously agree that talent and quality they saw from kids here in New England rival what they see in their home states, this is great credit to all teachers, parents, and kids who work hard on their craft and deliver a tremendous performance every time they take stage.

With individual competitions now in the books, the race is on for Drishya Grand Finale on April 27th.  The whole NEMA team is working overtime to make this event as smooth and enjoyable as possible to everyone.  65 teams will perform in front of over 1200+ crowd, joined by a highly experienced panel of judges consisting of eminent artists and gurus from Dallas, Maryland, Atlanta, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.

“We are greatly appreciative of the participants, parents, judges and the supportive and encouraging community spending time and effort in being part of Drishya and making this a truly great event every year,” organizers said in a statement.  “We hope to see you all at the finale on April 27th at Marlboro Middle School enjoying this rich cultural experience.”

Tickets to the event is available online at the following link.



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