Strengthen Your Health & Wellbeing with a Cup of Candid Tea

Courtney Alexandria

From helping fight off the flu and soothing sore muscles to warming your body … tea works wonders. Plus with midweek madness, tea can also help improve your mood.

Incorporating tea into your daily wellness routine is a simple, inexpensive and effective way to lead a healthier life. Can a hot beverage also inspire wellness? If it’s a hot cup of tea, you bet it can. In fact, tea can do so much more.

Candid Tea founder Courtney Alexandria is using her “expertease” to empower women to lead healthier lives through her collection of teas and tea-infused products.

Her signature line known as the Identitea Collection was created to empower women by highlighting the unique and incredible qualities that they have. The collection is comprised of spiced, herbal and fruit teas that have inspiring names such as:

  • The Role Model – Decompress by ditching the anxiety and stress. Made with herbs like rosehip pieces, ginger, peppermint and hibiscus, The Role Model is sure to indulge your senses and whisk you away from the trenches.
  • The Game Changer – Feeling a little blah and looking to get your mojo back? Try our Sencha Green Tea. The steamed leaves are rich in antioxidants and other nutrients too resulting in a remarkably smooth, fresh and flavorful cup.
  • The Power Player – A caffeine-free delight, this lemon infused Rooibos tea is rich in minerals such as iron, calcium, potassium, copper, manganese, zinc, magnesium and alpha hydroxy acid; Known as a magic solution for colicky babies, healthy skin and growing locks.
  • The Millennial – The Millennial is a bold yet refreshing mix of berries that easily becomes one of your favorite flavors. Delicious hot or cold, this tea never gets old. Highlighted with currant pieces and Hibiscus too, your skin and immune system will thank you.

Each name has a more significant meaning as they were created to represent the differences that make each woman uniquely beautiful and are symbolic of the diversity, magnificence and fortitude of individuality.

“Tea to me is a metaphorical representation of all women. It is grown in regions all over the world, it ranges from light to dark depending on the type and yet every variety is beneficial,” Alexandria explains.

Her mission is to educate women on the use of tea beyond the cup to help enhance their health and wellbeing. For example, did you know that preparing salmon with tea leaves adds antioxidants, nutrients, and extra flavor? Tea is commonly used to fight off the flu but it can also soothe sore muscles and help with skin conditions. It’s also great for cocktails.

For Candid Tea founder Courtney Alexandria, what began as a novel approach to connect with women spawned into a true passion for tea and a thirst for knowledge regarding its ever-growing list of wellness benefits. She started researching tea in 2016 which prompted her to enroll into the World Tea Academy to further her tea education.

She officially launched the company in May 2017. As a true tea enthusiast who relies on tea’s stellar 5,000-year reputation and research backed results to empower women to lead healthier lives, she believes raising awareness about the value of tea will be a gift that keeps on giving.


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