Raja Kumari unveils ‘battle anthems’

Raja Kumari (Photo: Tumblar)

Mumbai– Grammy-nominated songwriter Raja Kumari, also a rapper, has released “Bloodline”, which has “battle anthems”.

“‘Bloodline’ asks the question, ‘Who are you?’ It’s not just about your family line or your heritage. Who are you? What runs through your veins and what are you willing to fight for? This collection of songs was inspired by my time in India,” the Indian-American artiste said in a statement.

“I found strength in the motherland, and these battle anthems are my story, my bloodline.”

The five-track EP features an eclectic take on hip-hop and world music. It has songs like “Karma” and “Shook”.

Additionally, Raja Kumari is set to play a series of live shows surrounding the EP’s release. She will be performing at Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco in the coming days. (IANS)


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