Indian American man dies after being run over by truck


New Jersey– A 30-year-old Indian American man has died here after getting run over by a trailer truck when he allegedly tried to crawl under the vehicle trying to take a short cut.

Neal Patel, a resident of Princeton, New Jersey, succumbed to his injuries at the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick on Saturday. The incident happened last Tuesday, a community newspaper reported.

According to the police, Patel and his friend were leaving Wick Plaza in New Jersey and headed to local motel Global Inn, across Route 1, when Patel apparently tried to scoot under a parked trailer truck in order to take a shortcut, while his friend walked around the big vehicle, New India Times said.

The trailer driver, unaware of a man crawling under his vehicle, suddenly started his vehicle and drove away. Patel was dragged for 10 feet and run over by the tyres of the big vehicle. His friend was uninjured.

The driver does not face any charges in connection with the accident, according to the report. (IANS)


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